Kaguya and Momo childhood


**Toddler Kaguya** = Is shy, quiet, but also friendly to those who are friendly to her **Toddler Momoshi** = On first appearances he is adorable and seemingly well-behaved but when things don't go his way he starts throwing temper tantrums. He also has a tendency to pick on other Otsutsuki toddlers by pushing them in the back or stealing their belongings when they aren't looking.


Sarada's 3-tomoe, Sasuke training Boruto, >!Code's journey on the way to the cult base, Amado being sus,!< pretty much anything that connects to the manga. Those or childhood episodes.


I'd love a small sasuke/boruto training arc about boruto mastering shiden. Vs shinki he already used an although incomplete but still really strong version of shiden And in some novel I think it was said that boruto fully mastered shiden. So if they're not gonna offscreen it, it'd be nice to see >!Or after the code arc the same thing with the rasendan!< Or just compressing the rasengan further or more Vanishing rasengan combos, or new boruto streams or maybe any other new lightning or water style jutsu, just anything that brings in more variety and less spamming normal old rasengans. He literally has 2 versions of it that are great yet he still uses the normal rasengan most of the time


More of Boruto and Naruto.😬


Sasuke showing Boruto his memories


I really would like a sarada and Tsunade arc I think that would be really wholesome


Sasuke training Boruto


Well, that is basically in the time skip’s blue print.


The question is whhhheeeen we will see it. I mean, before we knew that the current arc would be "squid games" we were told that we get a Boruto/Sasuke arc which turned out to be just 2 episodes. And there wasn’t training at all.🤧🤧


I going to hate for, but sorry Honda not even a decent or creative writer. Me as the writer: Boruto should have train and adventure around The land of Fire to learn some life lessons and train with Sasuke. This would have stopped the anime from retconning important story events from the manga. Then I have Sasuke look for Code after the Anbu came back with Kara prisoners for interrogations.


I really expected a training arc between these two tbh, which is why I was pretty disappointed with what we were given. To me, Sasuke and Boruto,as for right now, are not the Student/Teacher duo I was hoping for.😐😐


Me too! The anime writers are very uncreative when making Arcs, and developing and using the side characters. Only five people can become chunin, but you have 32+ genins that participated in the re-examination! And Amado got kidnapped!🤦‍♂️


Sarada third tomoe arc. She already has it in the manga so this would constitute as anime canon


Filler = Exhibiting a New Awakening surrounding New Circumstances as if she didn't already possess it.


Land of snow, samurai shit.


Baby Boruto and Hima


Not an arc but an ep in the academy where they teach about the previous Kage and also important shinobi like the sannin, the white fang and Fugaku. Just seeing the reactions of everyone to the feats of these iconic shinobis would be epic


Jigens life and life of isshiki and kaguya


Idk, maybe Boruro learning edo tensei to revive kagura, kurama, ohnoki, mugino and above all else, Akkun 😭


Boruto realising he is in love with Mitsuki too.


I would make the anime slower, increase visuals and increase the age rating a little. My ideas: ​ 1. A serious world conflict. Maybe civillians are unhappy with how shinobi rule them and start a coup for equal rights, utilizing tech to match shinobi? It plays into the themes of the story and Kawaki and Boruto's timeskip ideology. Konoha 13 would be leading characters and the new gen learn shit from them. And get the female cast out of their houses to do some fighting ffs. 2. Training. Sasuke trains Boruto and Naruto trains Kawaki. Bolt learns a bit of kenjutsu, ninjutsu and taijutsu and Kawaki learns to wield a staff. 3. Ships fanservice/comedy. People like that stuff so why the heck not? Dedicate a few episodes to Borusara, Kawasami, Borusami, etc. Kishi sucks at romance anyways. Friendships are cool too. Have Boruto and Shikadai try (and fail) to prank the older gen and drag in their friends to help them (kinda like the Kakashi face reveal episode).


Naruto. Knocking some sense into Sasuke for being the worst father I've ever seen out of an anime.


Ever watched Code Geass?


No I haven't I just started watching Naruto I know I'm going to get braided but I've read the Manga


Also boruto 😊![img](emote|t5_34e1h|4539)


Anime canon ? For the anime if I were to decide an arc , then an arc where sasukes team hunts down remaining Kara members ? But in place of sarada, there will be kawaki since he knows them . It will be pretty dark arc where they will discover karas other hideous experiments. They will fight many members like in JoJo's . And then a big reveal in the end of the arc leading into manga canon episodes


True. Sound incredible, but it should be elite teams from every of the Five Great Nations and their Anbu unit. Also take out Sasuke, because he need a couple days off from work, then him and Sai look at all the information gathered from each Kara side hideouts, and their foot soldiers.


Now that's genius 🤝


Thank you and thank yourself too. Remember Sasuke did not know about about Code claw marks around the walls of the Five Nation’s main villages. Also Sai and Ibiki did not said Sasuke was in involve with groups that capture Kara’s foot soldiers. Sasuke was chilling before he left to go to the underworld for information.


Sorry. Sasuke was outside of the village during things us readers was not told or saw about in the manga.


Yeah . The fans should be hired to write anime arcs lol Ngl.


True. This week episode showed that Boruto was missing for more than two days and Sarada and Mitsuki is looking into the train that gone missing, which Boruto was on. Not Anbu, not the Konoha police, not full team 7, not Hinata with her doutsu, but only Sarada and Mitsuki on the job. Writers make Konoha leaders look incompetent. Uchiha family stans were crying and sending death mails to Honda( Boruto anime main and lead writer), but Naruto family was truly disrespected in this episode.


Fun fact : boruto was not allowed to leave his house after the death of isshiki otsutsuki because of his karma . (Spoiler) Why is he roaming like it's nothing? Those amado pills are clearly not working. Now that's a plot hole.


True! 90% of Boruto fanbase pointed these plot holes out. But now 70% of the fanbase is calling these arcs canon.🤦‍♂️


The chunin re-examination concept (subject matter) is real, but Amado getting kidnapped make this arc non-canon filler. And Kawaki being Genin, Funato, Kawaki’s Academy Arcs will never will be canon,because Kawaki should be under supervision by an Jonin. That assassin teacher was chunin and Kawaki was working with adult chunins for that mission. Another Retcon: Manga had Kawaki watched by a Jonin sensory ninja 12 hours of the each day since the invasion.


Yes indeed. The anime writers forgot to read the manga lol


They use to when Kodachi was in charge of the anime, and wrote the manga. 😒Well except the time traveling Turtle anime arc, and Sarada and Boruto not knowing that Mitsuki a artificial human in the manga.😬 Honda said Boruto will not use Karma in the Funato, because “Boruto was upset about what happen to Sasuke”.(Honda said this as a response the fans) But Boruto used it two episodes later when Kagura was stabbed.


Yes do need flashback arcs like the Kakashi Obito, and Tobirama Madara arcs. Also remember that the Kaguya anime arc was not canon.


I would really want Sharada to meet Itachi!


Still waiting for Hidden Cloud Arc with Killer Bee, Bubblegum boy and A return. How Choji meant and fell in love with his wife. Metal Lee's Mum. Sasuke and Sakura marriage and honeymoon arc. Sarada Birth Arc with Sakura and Kara. A Arc with Mitsuki, Log and Orichimaru where Orochimaru reveals Toneri is their father who he meant exploring the moon and had "relations" with as a woman then gave birth to them and the other clones via Snake style Egg laying. Last one was a joke but now that you've read it you can't unread it. Muhahahahaha... But seriously, I want all these to happen.


Time skip arc.


Boruto being wheelchair bound, Leaving it up to naruto to save everyone again Kurama comes back due to bad writing And everyone died the end


Some 18 years old kid appearing with sharingan (itachi uchiha's secret son) . Ask to see sasuke, kidnaps sarada waits to see sasuke in the meanwhile kids try to rescue sarada, the kid show his mangakyou sharingan fuckes everyone until sasuke arrives. A genjutsu trap in sasuke eyes activates(just like the crow and itachi eyes or sasuke with obito eyes) the kid and sasuke both find out about the truth. Then each going their own way. This was very basic you can make few ep about the kid searching about uchiha legacy, him finding friends with konoha kids, the shocking face when he finds out sarada is a uchiha kawaki having his suspension about the kid and all that extra stuff. Not gonna lie the mention of itachi is close to nothing in manga but they seemed to refer to him when kurama was dying.


Something manga adjacent like having team 15, team 25, team 40, or etc really anyone, but team 7 have to track down and defeat a notorious Kara Outer since we have barely seen any of them and both sides have lots of potential. On top of that expanding upon the outers would allow us to go deeper into the crime world and see what other villains are doing.


Past of the Uzamaki clan


Sarada and Tsunade arc


A really good idea would be a sasuke training arc. They go a bit further away from other people and he teaches boruto there... About how to control the borushiki form. It would fit really well with Boruto being able to do it vs code later on Kawaki has no clue about this cuz sasuke will do it in secret with boruto. After all, it's still a secret to the public I think, the whole boruto/kawaki otsutsuki thing Sasuke teaches boruto cuz he has at least some experience with such things (controlling the curse mark and orochimaru's chakra; when he was weakened it went out of control) Naruto may be a better teacher for that task, but they know he'd never let them do it if he knew of it. Both sasuke and boruto agree that the risk is worth the potential power he gets Since at this point naruto and sasuke got nerfed a lot and kawaki also doesn't have karma yet, so nobody in the village could really 1v1 code and win for sure. Which is why sasuke wants boruto to be their secret weapon, their trump card to fight code with if everybody else fails


What the hell is anime canon and who in their right mind would contribute to more trashy filler.