This is a 2023 Sport Design Turbo in Poly Metal Grey. Really loving this trim & colour combo, crazy how much it changes colour in different lighting conditions. Got it in about 2.5 weeks after ordering so feeling pretty lucky.


Hate how the US can't get this color in any other trim besides the carbon edition. Would love a turbo polymetal grey.


I got a 21 awd turbo carbon , it also comes with the Bose system Back in 2021 this was a special vehicle because even the awd feature was considered an add-on They definitely killed the carbon hype when they removed the turbo option this year


Also want the heads up display, ventilated seats, and nicer accent lights. Whenever I see a Canadian signature or turbo online I just get jealous haha. Still love my 2021 non turbo though.


Yeah but there you are getting into premium plus, turbo and signature territory. I almost bought a grand touring premium plus ( I believe that’s the name of the trim ) because I really wanted the ac seats and all the other bells and whistles it came with but when I saw the carbon with the turbo and red interior I fell in love, I complained About not having ventilated seats for a month or so after the purchase but now I’m over it lol, it’d be nice to have those, next purchase I’ll make sure I save my pennies to get all the goodies, nonetheless I am still really happy with my Carbon


That’s strange. I have a 22 Mazda3 premium hatch with polymetal grey. Sometimes auto makers are weird with color availability.


Came here to say the same thing! Lol


Love the colour same as mine but here in UK we get it in any model. I’m always in awe of how it seems to change colour in different lighting. Here in Scotland it really matches the often grey mood of the Sky. Hope you enjoy your first year with it as much as I have.


Are those red bits in the grille stock? Love that color, thanks for sharing.


Yeah, all the sport turbo trims 2022 and up feature that little red accent badge. Looks pretty neat


Thanks for the response. I checked my 22 signature’s grille and it has them, just blacked out. Womp womp.


I’m loving mine too! They really are an obsession aren’t they? Congratulations 🎊


Bro that is fire!! 🔥


Can't blame you


Bro this color is sick I can't stop watching hing either Mazda did good with the 22 turbo looks really sporty. Sadly I'm gonna keep my 21 turbo until the new platform arrives. Still a beauty but this my man you are rocking


Looks great! Minor complaint - no fog lights?


It used to bother me there were no fog lights for 2022 and beyond, but the new headlamps are so much better, it seems unnecessary now. So I appreciate the clean lines.


Yeah I persinally like the simplicity. Lights are incredibly bright almost to a fault haha (worry about blinding people), but can't deny the visibility.


I see your point, makes sense. Great color combo all the way around! Black rims are the best fit for the CX5's!


Looks great, this color is only available on the Carbon trim in the US which is mid range at best(not much options and tech features).


How do you figure not much options on the carbon. Got what I need on mine. For the price point no other automaker comes close .. with the 19in black rims and black accents and interior, the carbon is more than worth the money.


Its was fairly optioned before the removal of Power lift gate, Boss speakers and Sirixm radio(all removed for 2023). I think the lack of adaptive headlights is a big deal nowadays. The heated side mirrors are also important in the winter. As for other options like heated steering wheel and heated rear seats and ventilate front seats and digital gauge cluster I would agree that they are nice to have but not extremely important. As for the active driving display its not extremely important on other manufacturers since all of them have turn by turn directions displayed in the guage cluster. Mazda is one of the very few manufacturers that doesn't have this feature on its gauge cluster(both digital and analogue doesn't have i) which is extremely annoying since you have to constantly look at the nav screen for the next turn.