Yeah. There's only 2 kinds of music- good music and bad music. And who gets the ultimate say on whether the music is good or bad? Me!


I agree, except the last line. The correct answer is: Me!


I think you’ll find it’s Me


It’s actually me


we can all agree to dis agree is ​ ![gif](giphy|SsUMLJSe3LursNSm8S|downsized)


Made me hate the music I don't like even more.


So much dreadful uninspired stuff out there. I have no clue what people see in it.


Right? It’s called rap.


Gonna be a hard sell shitting on hip hop here. Saying all hip hop is uninspired is literally just casual racism and shows you've never actually listened to much of the genre.




Such a boring take and/or such a boring troll. Get better




lmao I concur entirely


Can’t upvote this enough.


Sure, I was a metal drummer before, I played groove metal, Nu metal, deathcore, Djent and other genres too. But now playing techno, deep house, tech house, chill house music.


Is Djent really the name of a sub-metal genre?


Oh yes it is, its meant to sound like the guitar riffs themselves, DJent, DDDJent, Djent. Check out this quintessential tune from the genre ; https://youtu.be/qc98u-eGzlc


It’s actually boxed me into less genres. Bars, venues always want THEIR FORMAT. I DJ in the US, people don’t respect the working DJ in this country. Just the ones that headline EDC or play in Vegas. People seem to think the DJ is built into the venue and therefore don’t have to tip them. Just my experience at the places I play .


Super old school DJ here. I've spun lots of styles: disco, new wave, italo-disco, house, new beat, techno, trance, jungle, drum n bass, etc. However I gained appreciation and respect for acid jazz, ambient, northern soul, darkwave, nu-disco, tech house. Still can't stomach much country music.


For sure, When I started out I was a *techno*™ DJ but festivals and raving in general have inspired me to expand my collection over the years and now I can hold my own in almost every style of dance music from 70-180bpm, chill out to various styles of peak time and everything in between. I like to keep a little bit of everything on my USBs because you never know when you'll need to bust out a spontaneous liquid dnb sunrise set or take over at the bar for a buddy during hip hop night


i started off as a dnb and hip hop dj that hated house, but eventually fell in love with house music as well.


Absolutely! Starting out I despised every genre that hadn’t the typical 4 to the floor kick drum pattern. Deep House was my favorite thing. A few years later and I mostly listen to reggaeton, afrobeats, dancehall. I don’t even like house anymore


Yeah I'd say djing can get you into learning the history of modern dance music and that will get you into the genres above (and others of course). Personally I got a lot more into UK and Afro/Jamaican/Caribbean music after learning about the history of American dubstep!


I got into DJing because I got into house, then I got into Dubstep and DnB because of DJing


Never really liked latino music, not because of the music but because of what kind of crowd asks for it (and I don’t mean latino people, they’re the ones who showed me the really good stuff). But drunk white women in their 30’s who can’t handle a drink and screaming at me because I don’t play 3 hours straight of Daddy Yankee made me hate the genre.


Everything house. I would never listen to it prior, now I love it, all genres of house.


I don’t casually listen to it but playing long dnb mixes is fun as fuck


I started out playing strictly ragga and jump up jungle. This was back when vinyl was the only option. Records are expensive, so even if I loved a tune in a different style, it didn’t make economic sense for me to purchase records outside of my typical style. When I started playing digital media, I expanded into other styles of music, but admittedly, my focus was still pretty narrow because I was only playing cool underground shows for cool underground people. It is easy to please that person on the dance floor when that person is you. Then I started to play weddings and corporate events. Suddenly I was booked to play gigs where three generations of people from all over the world were standing in front of me. Suddenly I had to play music instead of a genre. It was a challenge, but a fun one to master. Now, after so many years, even when I’m playing at a techno event, or a house event, or a jungle/dnb or dubstep event, I can’t even stay in those lanes if I tried. There is too much great music out there to narrowly focus on just one specific style. I don’t know how other DJs do it, because I certainly can’t.


Hearing different genres on a rig defo did, a lot of dance music doesn't translate that well to BT speakers/headphones, unless you are already into it. Particularly true for House, techno and jungle imo.


I wouldn’t say I didn’t like but more of I didn’t know. I call it falling into the deep. Started with D&B with bit Hip-Hop & now I dabble into DemBow, Afrobeats & even 70s house. My wife face expectations gauges how far off the deep I’m headed. If I hear a beat I like I research it and try to build a crate for it. Once I build a set where I want it to be I move on. And that could take weeks… Weird.


Definitely. The biggest surprise for me was country. There are some straight bangers there


Names names names please!


I was (and mostly am) a techno lover. But at one stage (home dj, nothing serious), I got into techhouse and old skool house. And I'm loving it. Techno won't go away anytime soon, but bought me alot of techhouse and house records the last couple of years. Just love the vibe of them. I also bought me some D'n'b, but I have some hard time figuring out how to mix them properly tbh.


I never thought I would like techno…. But the longer Ive been DJing the more frequently I find myself enjoying mixing in some industrial minimal techno sounds


I'm a dnb head too but mixing got me into footwork. That shit is so fun to mix


Yes, I used to shit on house for being the easiest genre to mix, now it’s one I listen to almost daily, granted it’s changed a lot since then. I saw Kaskade at EDC NY and thought it was boring. Now I look back and wish I appreciated house music because I had his mixes on repeat in 2016. I was also big into old school and underground rap, I was a bit of an elitist when it came to hip-hop, now I like some of the mainstream stuff. I used to hate dubstep in High School, thought it was stupid, now I go to festivals and love Bass heavy music, Trap got me into dubstep actually. Carnage’s festival trap got me into trap actually lol. I work out exclusively to trap and dubstep. Reggaeton… my dad and abuelos would always shit on it back when I was a kid, I actually like a lot of what’s coming out now. Yeah it’s monotonous but that’s the appeal, the focus on the percussion more than the melody, and a focus on the lyrics. I used to love rock, I still like it but I don’t play at any joints that request it, that’s what bands are for. I guess I fell out of love with it. It’s hard to mix mostly because the beat is bound to human error and isn’t perfect. Also most stuff coming out is super pop-y and not my taste. I haven’t gone out of my way to find any decent bands. I can’t hate on genres. Being openly hateful towards genres would be me limiting my clientele and can leave a sour taste to my followers who do like a genre/artist/song that I was vocal about.


In my free time I listen to hiphop, but I mix techno


I’m a deep and tech house lady but in my spare time I’m listening to anything Justin Vernon creates.


Yes, I never listened to hip hop, rap, or much top 40 before DJing. Having to prepare for different events got me digging around in a bunch of other styles.


I was never truly a hip hop guy until I saw my first DMC battle.


I'm mainly a trance dj, but I enjoy mixing techno and tech house, but I don't like listening to them unless I'm djing lol


I listen to all good music and that can be from any genre, Before digital djing if I wanted to scratch a big guitar sound I needed a metal record, this meant I bought almost anything on vinyl if I thought it might have an interesting sound somewhere on it that I could sample. Favourite dance music will always be jungle.....


Yes I produce techno and love reggaeton


Didn't care for country music at all. Since doing weddings it's started to grow on me.


Jungle used to give me a headache, now I love it. Although sometimes it still gives me a headache


Yep. I got into it thinking I'd be a strictly old school disco DJ. I still play a lot of it, but I've really gotten into house and other styles of dance music since I've been mixing


Definitely! I started many years ago with hiphop/R&B back when the norm was vinyl, then slowly discovered house music and its connections to the same urban roots. Before I knew if I was a big fan and started incorporating a much more eclectic component to my sets. Nowadays with digital, I have zero issues transitioning from low-to-mid tempo urban tunes to more electronic vibes, and vice-versa. I feel like the crowd responds much more to the diversity, and gives me personally a lot more leeway in choosing the correct vibe for the moment.


Yes went from deep tech to dub tech


My music obsession got me into DJing. I don't think there's a genre I don't like, except Modern Country and anything Religious.


Yeah, initially I was just a EDM guy but now I dig hip hop too


pop music


For sure. Lots of stuff I find boring on its own or hearing other people mix is way more fun to play myself. I'm thinking of the cross section between minimal and deep house specifically, lately. Mule musiq for example.


I've always loved like trance, hard techno, hardstyle, DnB etc. but Djing has definitely gotten me more into bass house, mid tempo, progressive, and hell, even some hybrid trap and some american dubstep/tearout type shit from time to time. TBH, almost every genre of dance music has something in it I can appreciate and groove to these days.




It's actually made me appreciate bad music that's popular and commercial. I still don't really like that music, but there's only a couple of artists that can make music that is almost assured to get everyone on the dance floor, regardless of their age or anything else. Uptown funk / Bruno Mars in general is the first example I can think of. Another is Taylor swift (particularly shake it off).


Before I was thinking that I’ll be mixing house, some chill minimal stuff and maaaybe occasionally techno. After I got into it, turned out to be tech house and indie dance 95%. Which I strangely had no idea before about both genres. I had a few songs that I liked without knowing the genre and I started digging like “oh well who’s this Bibi guy”, turns out, I love both genres.


If your answer to this is "no" you probably aren't a very good DJ :P


I started out being into downtempo and organic house. While listening to DJ mixes for inspo, I came across indie dance and my mind was blown. I now spin indie dance as my primary genre.


What kind of artists/producers are considered indie dance?


It's a broad genre, like Dark Disco, but with more techno elements, but I've fallen in love with a lot of super bouncy and melodic stuff from Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, and Germany. Theus Mago, Far&High, and Space Food are probably my faves atm.


Yes; it turns out I love 2-step garage


Yes. I got into some Jazz as a result.


I started as House DJ 12 years ago and now I mix mainly Disco, HipHop, World and Alternative.


Predominantly the Industrial and EBM guy, but hanging out with house DJs got me into a lot of house (jackin/tech/Bass) that I would typically not listen to


Yes eurodance 😭🤣


Hyphy. Really ratchet hip hop. Mostly from seeing the crowds in the Bay Area get down.


nah, GTA did


not actually hated but like i didn't understand it, in my i would say the whole spectrum f what i know so far as house music and all these electronic subs inspired music


YES ! I didn’t fuck w gabber and gabber adjacent music but now I do


Yep, I started with techno, and now I'm more into electro, old dubs step, breakbeats


No. DJing made me not listen to any music, ever, unless it relates specifically to and for work.