Funny how hp rode potlords ass for the music stream in the intro lol. I get it, kinda cringe potlord but whatever. What he said is true, he’s literally never done it before. What’s funny is that hp is talking about optics and talking down to pot like we all don’t know hp’s fucking scamming history. Talking bout “Reddit gonna post about this” bro close your yapper. Man, I’m getting increasingly annoyed with house phone. What an arrogant asshole. He used to be my favorite personality on NJ but he’s literally turned into a fucking prick and you can see it on everybody’s face. He needs to be brought down to earth because something is getting to his head, he ain’t all that


Agree. HP been giving off major hater vibes lately. I think all the stuff in his personal life is making him bitter. Still love you HP but get help bro


The way he stole Blazzys weed on camera a few episodes back and completely lied about it after confirmed to me HP was grimey


Fr he keeps doing blazzy dirty when for all we know blazzy keeps being a good friend to him I don’t get it they got weed all over the office


Y’all remember that part of the episode where he’s gassing blazzy up talm bout how he’s the greatest designer and he’s a genius and how he’s rich and all that? At first I thought he was being genuine but I feel like he either 1) was compensating for how he’s done him dirty or 2) positioning to ask him for some $$


Which episode? Haven’t watched in a while


Feels like this should be Blazzys show now , hoedphone lil homie on Tuesday’s and a diva on thursdays .


Thank you to Josh for clarifying the mod situation


Potlord real name is Kenneth 😭😭😭 1:01:10


they should have a challenge where they all go into ross and see who picks out the better fit


b lazy , such a good rap name for Blazzy ,so good Yuris turned it into a lifestyle......


I haven’t seen this on YouTube yet


Yeah Housephone is a rude lying drug addicted hater.