Yes, even after 3 years of cpap treatment I still have insomnia occasionally. I believe it stems from years of attempting to not sleep because my nights were filled with being choked.


I still have trouble sleeping and I have used it for 6 years, at least I’m not dying in my sleep.


i have a cpap now but still have a deep fear of dying in my sleep and i struggle to get four hours on the cpap takes me all day i got 5 hr and 16 min the other day it was the second most hours i’ve gotten ever with a cpap


I usually get 3 to 4. My average time for 3 years is just over 4hr. The last month I added Dr. added hydroxyzine for sleep anxiety. On top of switching between davigo and ambien every 30 days. My average time for the last month has increased to 5 and 1/2 hours. I also recently started mouth taping and adjusted from apap settings to cpap at a constant pressure 7.6 and my ahi has been around 1.0. It's still getting better but very slowly.




I'm glad it does, or I'd be dead.