A7 II is nice but you might wanna go A7 III for the convenience of having the same battery type as your A9 and its autofocus gains over the A7 II as well. Alternatively, an APSC body like the a6600 would also be a pretty decent b cam.


I’m running the original A7 with the 100-400 GM and it still takes beautiful photos. Because it sounds like you have the budget you should definitely get an A7II or III but anecdotally it’s pretty hard to go wrong with either. Maybe someone else can comment on menu ease of use between the two because it’s shit on mine but I know they updated it for the second generation.


I would definitely go with the a7iii, it's the same body so using it will be instinct and you'll appreciate the upgrade in af from the a7ii


Anything with the same Z battery would be convenient. So A7C or A7 III. Between the two is up to you. They’re the same camera with different ergos


What lenses are you running? It’s mostly fairly predictable when you need to switch lenses, yes having a B camera is necessary for backup purposes but it’s entirely possible to shoot a wedding with one camera and leave the B cam in the bag… if you are struggling maybe something else is wrong In some sense as the backup photographer you ARE the b camera


I was the b camera at 70-200 during the beginning but switched to 24-70 once we moved to a tighter spot. I just wish I had the 70-200 a few times to get some more candid shots.


It is my experience that a wider lens is necessary (16-35 usually) instead of a 24-70. You should have some idea if this is true for you now. There are usually specific shots that you need to capture in every wedding / event, and you want to have the corresponding lens on if you are the only photographer to catch these shots. The “candid” opportunities can be ignored if you don’t have the corresponding lens on. As the backup photographer you can have a different lens on than the main photographer, and observe what are the key shots he is taking


when I'm on the sidelines for football and a play goes 30 yards out into the endzone, I need a second body with a wide. There's no question. It's simply unrealistic to expect me to put my 600 down, switch my body to a wide, and go back and up still get the shot.


Sports is wildly different from what the OP is doing. I can’t switch out those long lenses quickly either