One character? Do the whole party!


Frodo is obviously a shadowdancer


Aragorn, obviously. If not aragorn, Sam Gamgee


Sauron is (sort of) a Fallen Solar and Saruman is (sort of) a fallen Planetar. If you wanted to duplicate them, you'd go for a Sorceror, but it's not very convincing. Boromir is a (fallen) Cavalier Faramir is a Ranger, possibly a Stalker I love the idea of Frodo being a Shadowdancer. That's so perfectly on point but I never considered it. I always thought that Aragon would be the most interesting build. He's pretty much a Ranger > Paladin dual class.


Tom bombadil!


I named my current character Tom Bombadil, gnome illusionist/fighter. Figured gnomes were quirky like him, didn’t want to be a Druid, and hadn’t done this multi before


Saruman ! Sorcerer with EEkepper OP stats


No Samwise?


I voted Sauron. Chaotic evil obviously. He's a Maia, but I'd go with human as far as BG races go. He would be a fighter/mage dual of some kind. He was Morgoth's lieutenant in the First Age, and is often depicted in heavy armor, and his weapons are supposed to be a sword and a mace, so he's not a pure sorcerer. Maybe a berserker dualed to mage, or a berserker dualed to an illegal specialist class like a necromancer, a necrozerker. Obviously no XP cap for him if that's an option since he's supposed to rise to godlike power.


I always got the impression that the Valar and Maiar usually took the form of the Eldar in all of their dealings. I'd pick an Elf as a race.


Good thought


Faramir. Time to give them human archers some love.


Gimli, dwarven defender or berserker


Boromir is a paladin who falls, Faramir is basically the same build, Saruman is a sorc, Sauron is a Fighter/Cleric, Frodo is no class at all (peasant, 9 in all stats, only reason anybody gives a fuck at all is he has shorty saves, and no he isn't a shadowdancer, he just has a cursed Sandthief's ring). You basically picked the most boring LotR characters to play :D Run Bilbo the halfling thief (seriously, go through and look at all the things Bilbo does and all the things Frodo doesn't), Aragorn the pureclass ranger, Legolas the archer, Gimli the Dwarven Defender, Treebeard the bard (dat lore, wields clubs and slings only), or Lurtz the blackguard. Or one of like 50 billion generic fighters.