Milliseme imperial Green Irish tweed DHI Herod Gentleman edt intense


For me, they would be:Givenchy Gentleman 1974 (The greatest masculine of all time IMO)Gentleman Givenchy 2017 (CH Men Privé but better, CH Privé could also be here)Polo (1978) Ralph Lauren (Amazing scent)Paco Rabanne Pour Homme and Drakkar Noir (Great aromatic fougeres, for rather different uses and vibes but great as well)Chanel Egoiste (Second greatest masculine of all time to me) Other extras would be: Salvador For Him from the 90's by Salvador Dali, amazing leather chypre, Quorum, JPG Le Male Essence De Parfum, Santos Concentrée by Cartier (The Tony Montana scent) Moschino Toy Boy, Versace Pour Homme and Eros, Dior Fahrenheit EDT, JPG Ultramale, Mugler A\*Men, i don't know which other ones to add, those are my favorite frags ever, sorry it's not 5


Hugo boss- Oud saffron Dolce & Gabbana- the one mysterious night Frederic Malle- The dawn Creed-Viking Maison Margiela replica- Across sands


> Creed-Viking What do you like about Creed Viking?


Initially, it was something I heard some good reviews on, I’m not a fan of the creed house as I feel most of their frags are practically the same, but in different fonts, and are way too overpriced, but Viking pleasantly surprised me. It had the feeling of being a “fresh” kind of fragrance that I could wear on my day to day or wear during the summer or spring months without having to worry about smelling like a citrus scented kitchen cleaner (which is an issue I have with most fresh sporty frags amongst the same caliber). Viking does have that clean, fresh, citrus-y dna to it, but it introduces a fair amount of spice to the foray with allspice, clove, and pink pepper, which for me adds a bit of masculine sophistication. It’s an all around good every day scent that’s smart and refreshing without being too overpowering, cloying, or immature. Not everyone’s cup of tea but it is mine!


I feel the same way about green Irish Tweed. I’m waiting on a decant of Viking to arrive. I hope I like it near as much


Haven’t tried green Irish tweed but it’s on my list of ones to try as well as Himalaya, silver mountain water, and virgin island water. Hope you like Viking!


Lv nouveau monde Tf neroli portofino Bleu de chanel Dior Fahrenheit Givenchy gentleman boisee


Clive Christian - X for men Bvlgari - Falkar Frederic Malle - Promise Hermes - Eau de Citron Noir Cartier - Oud & Santal I might add one or two but I feel like those are the ones I’m reaching for most in my collection.


Layton Creed aventus Sauvage edp/edt Mfk grand soir One million


YSL Tuxedo Creed Aventus Roja Enigma Killian Straight to Heaven Extreme Xerjoff Naxos


For your first five, I would stick to those that are designer-priced. Get your nose adjusted to notes you enjoy first, then maybe afterwards you can splurge on niche ones. And even within these 5, get decants to test em’ out first if you can instead of getting the full bottles. Bleu De Chanel EDP YSL l’homme Jazz Club MM Terre d’Hermes Prada luna rossa black


Green Irish tweed, Percival pdm, Layton pdm, Chanel platinum egoiste, Ch for men by C herrera I have over 90 fragrances


Amouage Reflection man MFK Aqua Universalis PDM Layton ADP Colonia TF Plum Japonais


Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Dior Homme Intense Bleu de Chanel Royal Vintage M. Micallef (smoky cypress version of Aventus, more classy) Straight to Heaven by Kilian


1) Aqua De Gio Profumo 2) Spicebomb Extreme 3) Tom Ford Noir Extreme 4) Creed Aventus 5) Dior Sauvage These are not in any particular order!


Moschino - Toy Boy MFK - Oud Pierre Guillaume - Swim XS Viktor & Rolf - Spicebomb, Nightvision Penhaligon - The Duke


Yves Saint Laurent - Y Versace - Dylan Blue Amouage - Jubilation XXV Dior - Homme 2020 Chanel - Allure Homme Sport


Bleu de Chanel EDP ADG Profondo Versace Dylan Blue Penhaligon’s The Uncompromising Sohan Spicebomb Infrared (wish they’d hurry up with an EDP) Might trade out the Spicebomb for Layton


7 Elements-Jivago Boucheron Zino Creed Adventus Platinum Chanel


Versace Man Eau Fraiche - great citrusy scent YSL Y EDT - great scent, more mild than Man eau Fraiche so I can wear it on more occasions Bleu de Chanel - great fresh fragrance without the citrus, very neutral Mr Burberry Indigo - kind of an aquatic cedar scent, if I want something more woody


ADG Profumo JPG Le Male Le Parfum Terre De Hermes EDT Nishane Hacivat Dior Savage Elixir Out of my 60 scents these are the top 5....


Out of my only 13 fragrances, those are the 5: __Versace Eau Fraîche__ - Easy and incredibly blended summer wear __Xerjoff Opera__ - A true chameleon of a fragrance; really nice gummy-beary, woody deliciousness __4177 Echt Kölnisch Wasser__ - ”Jib mir noch ein bisse mehr von dem juten Zeug!” __PdM Herod__ - Tobacco Vanille but better __Amouage Interlude__ - The Blue Beast!


Xerjoff Torino 21 Prada L’homme Rochas Moustache EDP Tom Ford Beau de Jour Azzaro Wild Mint


Moustache EDP? That's a favorite of mine as well.


Yes edp forgot to mention that!


I would choose these from my collection: LV Imagination Sauvage Elixir Spicebomb Extreme CDNIM Limited Edition ADG Profumo


I have had over 200+ fragrances and have narrowed them down to my favorite 7. Sorry it’s not exactly five Everyday / Versatile: Xerjoff - Naxos Amyris Homme Extrait - MFK Mandorlo Di Sicilia - ADP Bold / Fun: BR540 Extrait - MFK Black Phantom - Kilian Date / Intimate: Noir Extreme - Tom Ford Grand Soir - MFK


OK - obviously everyone's mileage varies, but there are some trends to notice. Mont Blanc Explorer 4 Spicebomb 4 Versace Eros 5 Dior Homme Intense 5 Xerjoff Naxos 6 Dior Sauvage 8 Bleu de Chanel 13 Creed Aventus 14


Prada Luna Rossa Black, L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme, SpiceBomb Infrared, Nuit D'Issey Bois Arctic, Givenchy Gentleman EDP


Sauvage Elixir, Memo Paris African Leather, Creed Royal Oud, Givenchy Gentlemen, Zoologist Sloth. Good balance of niche that I truly enjoy and more common but great scents that can be worn easily in multiple occasions.


- Creed Aventus: Say what you want, it’s so easy to wear and does the daily driver job excellently - Roja Enigma: I love the stuff - Le Labo Another 13: Easy grab, very sentimental to me - Tom Ford Tuscan Leather: My go-to going out fragrance - YSL Tuxedo: Smells amazing


I can’t just do five, but today: Chanel Antaeus Tom Ford Costa Azzurra Terre d’Hermés Azzaro Pour Homme Intense YSL M7


I've been intrigued by Antaeus [as I love fragrances from the 80s and 90s] and can't find samples or testers anywhere. How would you describe it?




My man! Thank you. I know what I'm buying myself next. I'm a fellow Gen X and was into the 70s back in the day [and starting to do it again in my 40s]. I'm hoping to smell like Dolemite or Kojak.


Same. I’m leaning head-long into fashions, music and styles that are late 70s early 80s as an influence…it’s glorious as a 40something you truly don’t give a shit like you desperately pretended to in your 20s. Go for it Man!


Sad they dont make M7 anymore. I still have my bottle I covet like Gollum with his precious.


I stupidly bought Dior Homme (2005) instead of the original M7 when I had the chance


•Dior Sauvage Elixer •Bleu de Chanel Parfum •Givenchy Gentleman Boisee EDP •YSL Lhomme Le Parfum •Dolce & Gabbana light blue eau intense


Dior - Fahrenheit. Givenchy - Pi. Mugler - A*men Pure Wood. Lynx/Axe - Wild Green Mojito & Cedarwood. Tom Ford - Costa Azzurra. The Tom Ford is labelled unisex. I don't wear a lot of "male" fragrances, just those mentioned above, and honestly it's really just Fahrenheit I wear often.


ADG profondo Sauvage elixir Le male le parfum Pdm layton Invictus(just because it has some memories w me lol)


jpg le male/ultra male versace eros pdm layton tf beau du jour v&k spicebomb I'm a chick though


Used to love JPG Le Male/Ultra before getting into my fragrance journey. It was my go too. Not being a snob it's just that I was noseblind to the mint note. I found a bottle in my room a few weeks ago and now I can smell the mint quite prominently.


Creed Himalaya Xerjoff Naxos Xerjoff Alexandria II Dior Homme Intense Memo African Leather If it was still available I’d replace one - probably Memo or Naxos with Tom Ford Extreme for men


Great choices!


- Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa - Spring/Summer - Terre d'Hermes EDT - Spring/Fall - Creed Royal Oud - Special occasions - Valentino Uomo Noir Absolu - Fall/Winter/Night out - Tom Ford Grey Vetiver - Spring/Summer/Work These 5 are a MUST for me.


• Beach Hut Man • Bois Impérial • Ganymede • Fahrenheit Le Parfum • Sauvage Elixir


- halfeti - penhaligon's - ambre nuit - Dior - Straight to heaven - Kilian - allure homme sport - Chanel - Aqua di Gio profumo - Armani Something different for each occasion. If anyone has some fragrances to add to this list, I'd happy to learn about those


Andy Tauer Au Coeur du Désert Matiere Premiere Encens Suave Matiere Premiere Falcon Leather Amouage Overture Man Terre D'Hermès Parfum


* Dior Homme Intense 🌏 * Tauer Une Rose de Kandahar 🌷 * MFK Petit Matin 🏖️ * Tauer L'Air du Désert Marocain 🍁 * Dolce & Gabbana The One / MFK Grand Soir ❄️ Four of those are marketed as unisex, but since it sounds like you're relatively new, "men's" fragrance is whatever you want it to be! 🙂


If you can only have 5 then i would choose mostly versatile frags. Warm weather signature: Nishane Hacivat Cold weather signature: PDM Layton Spring/autumn signature: YSL Y EDP Special occasion: PDM Herod Outside of these i would choose a note or feeling you like then go for a fragrance that best encapsulates it (leather or spices or tobacco or barbershop etc etc).


None are essential. They are all just a luxury. If your new to fragrances the best thing I did when I was in your shoes, 4 years ago, was to try as many as I could at a store that has friendly staff. Ask if they mind, if they give you troubles just find a different store. I would walk in (not wearing any fragrance) with a list I had taken from say Fragrantica.com. Best of 2019 say, look at the notes(ingredients) and try some on paper. The best 3 smelling ones I would then try on, on skin, one on each arm/wrist and one on neck/chest, again ask if they mind you trying on skin to test. The fancy stores may even appreciate it. Give scents an hour or two before making an opinion at the minimum. Never sniff then buy. Another piece of advise is to buy from the one store you test them at. Ask the staff for advise/suggestions. Have a chat. You may pay a bit more then searching online for the biggest discount, but going back to one store will reward you with samples and trustworthy advice. Not attitude and sales. Work out what works and what doesn’t for you. In the same way some like beer while others like wine or spirits. Find your flavours that fit your budget. 1. Dumb Reach - YSL l’homme. Any flanker in this. I like the original or Ultime 2. A bit classier DR - Terre de Hermes. Again cant go wrong here with any flanker but I prefer the Parfum, then the original EDT 3. Date Night. (A bit classier) Dior Homme or YSL Tuxedo. Any Dior Homme flanker can work. I prefer the Parfum again, but it’s powerful (or over powering depending your tastes) the other flankers are a bit more user friendly. Tuxedo is just so good if you don’t like the Dior. 4. Show some class. Either a good Barbershop/Fougere or something like Tom Ford-Beau de Jour or Creed-Aventus or Amouage-Epic or Roja-Elysium. Any or all of these. 5. A comforter. Either a leather or a gourmand/vanilla or something boozy or an Oud even a tabacco one. I can’t suggest one for you for this as it is gonna be the most personal choice and after you get your basics covered 1-4 you can go hunting scents for fun, emotions, memories. Lastly its better to have 2 fragrances you really love then 10 you just use because they are there.


I've tried to split these into categories so I know all bases are covered: Spring/Summer - Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche Autumn/Winter - Guerlain L’Homme Ideal EDT Special Occasions - Dior Homme Intense Casual - Givenchy Gentleman EDT Work - Prada L’Homme


1.Dior Sauvage 2. YSL Y EDP 3.Prada L'homme intense 4.D&G The One EDP 5.JPG Ultra male


Dior Homme Cologne. Kilian Angel's Share. Guerlain Homme. JPG Le Male Le Parfum. ADG Profumo.


Sticking with surefire crowd pleasers dince you mentioned being new: - Chanel AHSEE: summer / spring signature - The One EDT: fall / winter signature - Versace Eros: going out fragrance - Prada L’Homme or Bleu de Chanel EDT: office / formal fragrance - Tom Ford Oud Wood or Santal 33: statement / special occasion fragrance


I know less about men's stuff because I've sampled fewer of them, but the ones I like are: * Lalique Encre Noir * Aramis signature * Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel * Frederic Malle French Lover * Frederic Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur


Angels share/stronger with you intense 1 million lucky Black phantom Sauvage balade Br540


Narciso Rodriguez for him EDT Gucci Pour Homme (The discontinued one, released in 2003) Maison Francis Kurkdjian Lumiere Noire homme Gucci Guilty Absolute Terre D'Hermes Parfum


Le Male Le Male Le Parfum Le Male Terrible Le Male in the Navy Le Male Aviator Just in case it was a typo: Malle - Bigarade Concentree Malle - Monsieur Malle - Une Rosé Malle - L’Eau d’Hiver Malle - Portrait of a Lady


1. Stronger with You EDT 2. Acqua di Gio Profumo 3. Bleu de Chanel EDP 4. Nautica Voyage 5. Tom Ford Ombre Leather Yes I'm a basic guy but I prefer to call them classic 🥲


5 bottles of Dior Sauvage


Sauvage is my one fragrance that stays in my toolbox as a plumber, may not be my favorite but it will certainly fend off any terrible smells from work. Put a little spritz on a face mask and you’re good to go.


You gave me a good laugh ma‘am


BDC EDP | YSL Y EDP | Coach for Men | Zara Vibrant Leather | Montblanc Inviduel |


1. Tom Ford Ombre Leather 2. Dior Sauvage 3. Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot 4. Tom Ford Noir Extreme 5. YSL Y EDP


Mont Blanc Explorer Tom Ford Ombre Leather Versace Pour Homme Dior Sauvage Killian Angel's Share Edit: I should add, I absolutely love Glossier You and wear it often, even layered with Creed Aventus or something, but that's only because it drives me wild. I can't recommend another man wears it, perhaps gift it to your SO.


Glossier You is supposed to smell like the drydown of a guy’s perfume the next day so that’s not crazy to me! I wear You and bought my husband Le Labo Musc 25. I didn’t like Musc 25 on me but on him it’s so good he’s turned it into his date night fragrance for me.


Glossier You just reminds me a lot of a perfume a girl I had a crush on in high-school must have bathed in. I can't seem to figure out what it actually was as I don't know if Glossier You existed prior to 2006, but it's just this part general enjoyment, part puppy-love nostalgia that just hits right. Definitely up to try Musc 25, I'm confident in Le Labo.


Grab a sample soon—it’s a city exclusive but you can get samples in September.


Just came to say that I did get some samples of that and other city fragrances, some excite more more than others obviously. IDK if it's just me but I just get really feminine vibes from Glossier You and also even Musc 25, it must be because of just general past life experience. Le Labo isn't really my favorite if I'm being perfectly honest but I just love their branding and also the way they name frags because it's easy for me to remember what they smell like lol.


Sorry you didn’t like Musc 25. I can see the feminine because of the vanilla but it doesn’t really smell feminine in my husband. Hope you find something!


No sorry I didn't mean I didn't like it, I'll still wear it, I even wear Glossier You, I was just sorta thinking out loud about why I consider musk frags kinda feminine by default.


I really wanna like mont blanc explorer but I just don't smell it when I wear it, like very rarely. Shame but thats sometimes how it is in the fragrance world


Yeah I get that, some frags just seem to numb you to them quickly or something to the point that it's hard not to overspray. If I really want to smell something throughout the day, I'll apply it after some moisturizer to my clavicle area or in my wrist or... elbow-pit? So throughout the day I can try to take little subtle sniffs inside my shirt or w/e. Also helps me figure out how long it stays.


Creed Aventus (NOT it’s hideous dupes; tried them all) Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme PDM Layton INITIO Oud for Greatness Missoni Wave


Niche dupes nowadays run laps around Aventus, talking about the ones that are in Aventus' price bracket like Nishane's Hacivat or Vilhelm's Morning Chess. And it's for a simple reason: you get a bit unlucky with the batch code and it's a skin scent from minute 15.


I tried Hacivat - the oakmoass is too strong. Just doesn’t do it for me. To me, it smelled like a bathroom cleaner after a while.


Dior Sauvage Elixir Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait Stronger with you Absolutely Chanel ALLURE HOMME SPORT EAU EXTRÊME Rasasi Hawas


LV Ombre Nomade, Nishane Favonious, Nishane Nefs, Oud Wood old version, Aventus old version.


Dior Sauvage Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Paco Rabanne 1 Million Bleu de Chanel Versce Eros I’m pretty new to fragrances so dont judge me


Creed Aventus PDM Layton Killian Angel’s Share PDM Sedley and probably a cheapie like Nautica Voyage (it’s usually pretty hot where I live)


Lalique Encre Noire, Green Irish Tweed, Hugo, Pino Silvestre, Davidoff Cool Water


BDC EDP, Sauvage EDT, Xerjoff Naxos, LV Ombre Nomade, Acqua di Gio Profumo


Le Labo Another 13 Creed Aventus PDM Carlisle Rasasi Hawas Bleu De Chanel EDP


Initio OFG BR540EX Creed Aventus Cologne Roja Elysium Xerjoff Naxos


Agree w all of em except roja


Creed - Aventus MFK - 540 Extrait Dior - Sauvage Paco Rabanne - Invictus Legend A&F - Fierce


In no particular order: 1. Parfums De Marly Carlisle 2. Dior Homme Parfum 3. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood Extrait 4. Xerjoff Nio 5. Initio Oud For Greatness


De bleu chanel edt, de bleu chanel edp, jpg le male, by the campfire and jpg le male le parfum. Definitely all very mainstream but I like them :)


Sex Panther four times and drakkar noir


* Dior Fahrenheit * Bleu de Chanel Parfum * Chanel Egoiste * Dior Homme Intense * Creed Aventus


This is closest to the real essential five


I bought my husband his collection as gifts over the years. It is: Creed Silver Mountain Water Creed Aventus Le Labo Musc 25 Tom Ford Oud Wood Spicebomb I’m considering adding Creed Original Vetiver and Royal Oud to his collection but it doesn’t really feel like anything is missing.


Respectfully disagree w every item on this list. To each their own, but just curious, have you checked out other niche houses like mfk, initio, xerjoff, etc? I feel you'll find them to have more character.


Not everyone needs/wants niche. If they find these fragrances to smell nice then great.


Good point.




Looked up the notes and those sound lovely, any suggestions on sites for ordering samples? I usually do fragrancenet or ThePerfumedCourt.


Honestly they’re a little hard to find online. If you’re in the UK you visit Harrods to smell Roja and Henry Jacques in person although they do sell online. Sultan Pasha is also UK based but I believe does international shipments through his website, and so does Ensar Oud but I reckon it’s US based. Areej on the other hand is so rare that I could not find one on any website. However, people on fragratica sometimes (often used) sells extra bottles they’ve bought during the limited available slots, at inflated prices. Nice to see people getting into niche fragrances but a word of advise is to check the samples or smell in person if possible since preferences are highly subjective and prices are astronomical for such perfumery. Also check on Ebay sometimes they have good deals. Another recommendation if someone is just getting into niche and obviously it’s not advisable to spend a ridiculous amounts would be 1. Sheikh Al Faransi by Maison Anthony Marmin 2. Xerjoff Warda Al Oud (Both are CPO, are easily available online, much cheaper than those listed above and provides a good entry into artisanal niche perfumery without breaking the bank. These are pure parfum so all high quality natural materials and masterful blend that you’ll not find in other commercial brands. Maybe give them a shot to see if niche perfumery is worth it to you or not) Hope this helps. Peace!


Whatever the youtube shills tell me to


Versace Eros for the yummy vanilla note


**Luna Rossa**, by Prada — A compliment-getter for sure. It caters just enough to popular tastes while standing solidly on its own. The smell starts as a battle of lavender, citrus, and mint, but fades quickly to an orange-and-cedar combination that people just love. It's a great big smile of a fragrance, a snazzy outfit, unfailingly clear. One of the **Big 80s** — maybe Polo Green, or Hugo Boss "Boss", or Drakkar Noir, or Paco Rabanne. They're old-fashioned, and awesome. **Platinum Égoïste**, by Chanel — Light and piercing, with a nice strong lavender smell but with enough muskiness to make it distinctive. There's also a strong jasminy flavor that comes out after a while. It dresses up very nicely, giving crispness to a suit and tie, but I more often wear it in casual settings. Plenty sexy. **L.12.12 Blanc**, by Lacoste — When it first goes on it smells very typically guy-ish, that sporty citrusy smell that dominates dorms across the land (though it's on the grapefruity side, so that helps it be more distinctive). But after a few hours it mellows into a sweet woody smell with just a tinge of something distantly flowery. Beginning to end, though, there's a pleasantly watery, oxygeny rain-on-the-sidewalk smell. It sums up the best of the last 30 years. If L.12.12 Blanc went to high school with you it would be that guy on the tennis team who's athletic and "popular" but also actually popular — nice to everyone and pretty smart and fun and great to hang around with. It has the glowing presence that good fragrances have, that give you pleasure as you get whiffs throughout the day. Lasts a good loooooong time. Way better than most moderns do.


I disagree on some, but this is the only acceptable answer.


Except it's 4 instead of 5.


Versace eros edp, Armani stronger with you, invictus victory, Azarro chrome, colonia club


PdM Layton PdM Sedley YSL Tuxedo PdM Percival MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait (I know it's sort of considered unisex but leaning feminine, but I would just have it to smell at home. I've also been layering it with Sedley and like it).


Tom ford grey vetiver- spring /summer office signature scent Bleu de chanel edp - spring / summer classy night time scent Dior homme intense- fall/winter evening dates Dolce & gabbana the one- fall/winter office signature scent Viktor rolf spicebomb extreme-winter evening


Aqua Uomo by Valentino Icon Racing by Dunhilh Mercedes Benz Select Ducati Sport And I don’t have a good 5th that immediately came to mind with no effort, so I’ll say “probably something bvlgari”


- JPG Le Beau - Playful/Date vibes - Afnan Supremacy in Oud - Nights Out - Dior Homme Intense - Professional - Chanel Allure Homme - Just for Me - Any decent Aventus clone - Casual


Xerjoff Renaissance - super hot days Allure homme sport eau extreme - daily uses Versace eros- Hot nights Polo red extreme - my favorite fragrance. Spicebomb extreme - cold nights


Amouage - Reflection Ysl - La Nuit De L'homme Vilhelm Parfumerie - Black Citrus Frederic Malle - Carnal Flower Prada - L'homme


Chanel - bleu de chanel eau de parfum Hermes - Terre d'Hermes eau de toilette Viktor & Rolf - Spicebomb Azzaro - wanted by night Tom ford - Ombre leather


Mont Blanc Explorer - warm weather nightlife Chanel BdC edt - office, warm weather date nights Mancera Cedrat Boise - office, dressier occasions PDM Layton - cold weather date nites Spicebomb - cold weather nightlife


Pick any 5 Guerlain.


MFK - Grand Soir, ADP - Colonia, Creed - Aventus, Tom Ford - Ombré Leather, Le Labo - The Matcha 26


1. Mancera Cedrat Boise Intense 2. Kajal Homme 3. Cartier Pasha de Cartier Parfum 4. Dior Homme Cologne 5. Tom Ford Noir Extreme


In no particular order…and given a day to think about it, it may be different, but I think I could be pretty content w/ the following: - L’Instant de Guerlain EDP - Dior Homme Parfum - TF Tobacco Vanille - Creed Aventus - Dior Fahrenheit


Mont Blanc Explorer ADG Profumo Prada Luna Rossa Carbon Versace Dylan Blue The One EDP by Dolce and Gabbana Would be my pick for 5 decent fragrances, at a decent price. All designer, all pretty mass appealing, got some variety but nothing particularly out there or out of the box.


In no particular order: Aventus


In no particular order Dior Homme Intense CDNIM Limited Edition Parfum Prada Luna Rossa Carbon Layton The One EDP




I love the smell of MMM by the fireplace but I couldn’t figure out when and where I could wear it. The only place I could think of is at home


At this moment, Blue de Chanel edp Chanel allure homme edition blanche Maison margiela replica jazz club Xerjoff naxos Guerlain ideal edp


Polo Green Dior Sauvage Elixir Bleu de Chanel John varvatos leather Paco rabanne 1 million I feel like a 12 year old boy but idc I like what I like😝


Great list tbh


I'm really not into niche so i'll just mentionmy 5 fav designers with no particular order: 1. TFTL 2. D&G the one Royal Night 3. Pasha de Cartier Parfum 4. DHI 5. AHSEE


1. Penhaligon’s Constantinople 2. Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche 3. Parfums de Marly Layton 4. Armani Code Absolu 5. Gucci Made to Measure


DHI, Phillip Plein No Limits Prada lhomme leau Montale wood and spices Hacivat


Green Irish Tweed. Silver Mountain Water. Thameen Carved Oud. TF Hombre Leather. TF Forgere d Argent.


Was thinking of getting green irish tweed, is it worth blind buying? Heard it was similar to grey vetiver


* **Totally different from TF Grey Vetiver**! 🙂TF grey Vetiver starts with a burst of grapefruit citrus and then settles into a cool vetiver that reminds me of petrichor and rainy days. Green Irish Tweed is super fresh shower gel and *very similar* to Davidoff Cool Water, except a twinge more "green" for lack of better word * **Nothing is worth blind buying**! 🙂 Sample sample sample! But in case that's not your thing, I do think it's pleasant and super safe, i.e., it's not full bottle worthy for me but I would have a hard time picturing anyone *disliking* it


I didnt like it tbh. Thought it was basic. If I were you I'd buy thr clone armaf makes and spend the leftover $$$ on xerjoff


Honestly doesn’t smell like grey vetiver at all but you may where for similar occasions. It’s definitely an elite scent, top 5 for me but I’ve never been able to get over how similar cool water is.


Jazz club, Tobacco vanilla, Aventus, Layton, Royal oud


fuck it, that’s the actual collection of *affordables* I’m goin for: - Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct - Montblanc Legend EDP - Davidoff Cool Water Parfum - Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir EDP - Armaf CDNIM Pure Parfum


Yeaaah, I dunno why the people here are recommending really expensive stuff to someone new. I say, throw in one expensive one and let them develop their tatse.


personally, I know perfumery is art, but I have a number of interests in my life and spending 90/100$ per frag ain’t for me I prefer the ones giving me the best bang for my buck


I just discovered the Bleu Noir EDP today and decided to order a sample. How is it? I have similar taste in cheapies (I have First Instinct, First Instinct Blue, CDNIM, Mont Blanc EDT) so I’m hoping that means I’ll like the Bleu Noir


it’s mainly a *woody and vetiver* scent, but its vetiver is softer and more modern than something like Guerlain Vetiver; there’s a touch of sweetness too it’s still a blue scent, just not a Sauvage type one some say it’s *kinda* similar to Azzaro Chrome initial drydown, once its citrusy/metallic opening fades away - and it’s *kinda* true yes, but Bleu Noir EDP is much much more modern and refined as a side note, the EDT smells different for me, cause the vetiver‘s way more prominent


I did my research, and saw some similar comments about the vetiver in the EDT. I’m hoping I love the EDP. Also, the new Parfum sounds interesting too with the “dirty iris”.


Fellow CW Parfum enjoyer🤝


for the price, it’s so simple and good


For me personally Tom Ford Noir De Noir Aesop Hwyl Le Labo Another 13 Creed Aventus PDM Herod


So glad to see love for Another 13 and Hwyl. Honestly some of my favorites all time.


How is Aesop Hwyl? I tried to buy it but couldn’t find it available


. Chanel - Égoïste (90s version) . Van Cleef & Arpels - Pour Homme . Loewe - Esencia (90-00s version) . Versace - The Dreamer (90s version) . Bulgari - Aqva Amara


• Jubilation XXV by Amouage • DK Men / Fuel for Men by Donna Karan • Cool Water (vintage pre-Coty formulation) by Davidoff • Scandal Pour Homme (amber-colored bottle) by Roja Dove • Iris Nazarena by Aedes des Venustas


DK Men/Fuel for Men in the cool original bottle designed by her husband. One of my all time favorites. Thanks for reminding me.


you’re so welcome, it’s absolutely a classic! to this day I really haven’t found a leather / boozy fragrance that I like more than that one.


I totally agree. I still have 2 bottles that I purchased when living in NYC right before discontinuation - so right around 1999 or 2000. It’s fading a little, bit it still smells amazing. I really liked the lighter version (bracing body spray) as well. And also in a cool bottle designed by Stephan Weiss, her husband at the time. i


Guerlain Habit Rouge. Creed Green Irish Tweed. Guerlain leau Boisee. Boss Saffron Oud Creed Royal Water.


I just put on Habit Rouge right now!


Megamare Interlude Tobacco Vanille La Yuqawam Pour Homme ( Yes, it smells better than TL to me) Wall Street


For me personally, as a woman (wrt fragrances marketed primarily to men): * Xerjoff Naxos * YSL Tuxedo * Terre d'Hermès EdT * Ormonde Jayne Man * Dior Homme Intense They're not essentials, just what I'd choose for myself.


Ormonde Man 👌🏻 just got a bottle recently and loving this stuff.


They're one of my favourite houses. Truthfully, I prefer Woman (which smells unisex to me) to Man, but Man is probably a better all-rounder and has that bright, refreshing juniper opening.


Specifically marketed to men? Hmm.. Mouchoir de Monsieur Kouros Caron Pour Un Homme Chanel Pour Monsieur Interlude Black Iris Man Something like that is solid!


Creed Green Irish tweed Creed Spice & Wood Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur Amouage Reflection Man MFK Amyris Extrait.


This has never been asked before.




There's like a million other posts on this same topic


So what


It's post after post of the same stuff again and again. If you wanna see lists of the same fragrances over and over, just go watch a Chaos Fragrances video or some other mindless garbage


Sorry new people getting into the fragrance game and asking questions annoys you. Usually people who are into the niche are happy to help. Def not with this group of folks !


It takes 5 seconds of scrolling to see someone else's post asking for other people's "top 5", or "5 fragrances for life", or "5 most complimented". It's the same question just worded differently every time. And 99% of the time it's just people listing their stuff without actually giving any explanation why they love it so much.


It’s easy to ignore the post and go to the one that suits you . It’s like complaining that there’s a new member introduction to cologne going on in room A and you can go to any other room but you come in this room to complain . But cheers thanks to being helpful to curious minds in this sub !


If it doesn’t interest you, don’t read it. Very simple. Other people enjoy asking, responding to, and reading these threads.


It ruins the subreddit when every other post is this same question in various forms


No it doesn’t, this is just very telling of you a person responding like this rather than just skipping it.


It fills the subreddit with mindless discussion that drowns out the conversations of people who love learning about fragrance. Reading people's top 5 lists doesn't inform anyone of what a fragrance is about, and it just fuels the poor spending habits of the people who buy fragrances because of how many compliments someone else got with it or because so many other people own it and they want to fit in


Grow up, it’s really not that deep.


But it is though. This is a place for people who want to learn and people who genuinely love fragrances. If all you wanna talk about is "what's everyone's favorite fragrances" or "what gets you the most compliments", then you don't care to learn about fragrances, nor do you "love" fragrances, you just like to smell good. There's nothing wrong with these kind of people, but it's disappointing to come to this subreddit every day looking for people to have meaningful discussions with and all I see is the same question again and again.


There is a good 20 or so comments responding on this thread on a normal fashion, and then there is you. I would suggest you pick up and leave rather than everyone else.


I don't know why you got downvoted for saying the truth.


Because Reddit


Angels Share Layton Montabaco Intensivo Bois D’Argent Ombré Nomade


Love this list


Designer: Tom Ford Costa Azzurra, Maison Martin Margiela Replica Coffee Break, Issey Miyake L'eau Bleue D'Issey Pour Homme, Paco Rabanne One Million Parfum, Dior Sauvage Elixir. Niche: Juliette Has A Gun Vanilla Vibes, Nishane Ani, Parfums De Marly Layton, Zaharoff Zed Creators The Siren, Mancera Red Tobacco


If I could only own 5 for versatility and quality, it would be: Bleu De Chanel EDP (year round) D&G The One EDP (date night) MMM Jazz Club (Winter) ADG Profondo (Summer) Dior Homme Sport (Spring/Summer)


540 Extrait, Naxos, Oligarch EDP, LV Imagination, TF Noir de Noir.


Guerlain Vetiver, Azzaro Pour Homme, Montana Parfum d'Homme, Caron Yatagan, and Tauer Attar.


Personal opinion of course… Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver; Chanel - Bleu de Chanel EDP; Christian Dior - Dior Homme; Acqua di Parma - Colonia Essenza; Mont Blanc - Explorer And as an honorable mentions: YSL - La Nuit De L’ Homme; Narciso Rodríguez - Bleu Noir for Him EDP All designer…all easy to get…and pretty well rounded for any occasion without breaking the bank


Will second many of these. I have Chanel, Mont Blanc and YSL all on my counter right now.


Getting someone else's five essential isn't likely going to help you choose. Visit the local Sephora and department stores and sample a bunch to give you some direction. Then you can ask for recommendations based on what you liked. That's be a better way to go about it.


Bvlgari Man. Bvlgari Man in Black, Spice Bomb, Zaharoff Signature. Versace L'Homme.