My all season frags are: Glossier You Amouage Sunshine Woman Wild Coast Perfume Whistler Caudalie The Vigne Tom Ford Soleil Neige


Bacarat Rouge 540


Prada L’homme


Dior Fahrenheit ofc But in all seriousness I would go with dior savage or Mont blanc explorer


There’s tri Hybrid through Scentual Obsessions called “ Angelic Homme Natare “ ( Layton/ Elysium/ Afternoon Swim) It’s very well blended , alluring , versatile, bright yet dark , tangy , creamy , opulent….just a great fragrance. Set to be released soon . With four total variants of the hybrid as well. Amare , Natare, Nox, and Persici


My All time favs that I wear year round are: “Agent Provocateur” by Agent Provocateur (the notes are saffron, magnolia, rose & musk) Pink Quartz by Oliver Durbano (notes pink grapefruit, saffron, benzion & white musk) BKR540 (I know I’m basic but it’s still my all time favorite as it never fails me and works anytime of year or day) Narsisco Rodriguez “For her” (notes are bergamot, amber, vanilla & patchouli) Zadig et Voltair “for her” (notes are pink pepper, silk wood blossom, jasmine, whipped cream, vanilla, chestnut, sandalwood) I also like to layer “You” by glossier with the honey hair perfume by Gisou.


Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt is my go-to daily scent. For evenings, Memo-Flam works in all seasons, and so does Guerlain's Black Perfecto. For men, I love Xerjoff - 40 Knots. I guess tea scents would work year-round as well, Nishane Wulong Cha comes to mind. Also, Mon Guerlain EDT somehow works well in all seasons for me. It may be borderline cloying during the humid summer heat, but great at all other times.


I don't have a strict seasonal rotation. I tend not to like heavy woody or super-sweet gourmands in the height of summer, as I can find them suffocating in the heat and humidity, but otherwise I'll wear whatever strikes my mood. That said, the following are ones I wear a lot all year: * Coco Mademoiselle - it's really basic, I know, but I like it pretty much any time. It's citrusy enough to be ok in the summer as long as it's sprayed with a light hand. Meanwhile the base feels cozy in cooler weather. If I want to wear a perfume but can't make up my mind what to choose, most of the time I end up choosing Coco Mademoiselle. * Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian - it's as close to my ideal fruity-floral as anything I've smelled, with a very peachy/apricot-like osmanthus and white and yellow florals (mostly tuberose but also some jasmine and daffodil). For me, it's got a very good 'weight' - it's not too much when it's very hot and humid, but it's substantial enough to work well in the cooler weather too. * Tom Ford Lost Cherry - it's rather syrupy, but cherries are a summer fruit so I like it as much in the summer as in the cooler weather. * Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan - a lot of amber fragrances are too much for me in the summer, but Ambre Sultan has a dry spiciness that makes me enjoy it even if it's really hot and humid.


If you enjoy apricot /osmanthus you should try amouage sunshine!


Thank you! That one is on my list to try!


Muscs Koublai Khan, 15 sprays


**Dior Homme Intense** for me!


Cloud by Ariana Grande Believe by Britney Spears Just Me for men by Paris Hilton


Bvlgari Aqva, Versace Dylan Blue


GuerlainL’instant, Armani Si, any Narciso Rodriguez, Chanel Beige and Sycomore, Strangers Parfumerie coffee ones sprayed lightly, Nishane Cha - fresh in hot months, uplifting in cool ones, Zoologist Bee sprayed lightly, Clean Reserve Skin


Kinda depends on your nose. I find overly sweet gourmands, sandalwood, and a lot of spice notes absolutely repulsive in high heat and humidity, since I think they tend to go sour. IMO, your safest bets are musky skin scents. These would all be appropriate for fall as well: * Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume * Maison Martin Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning * Ellis Brooklyn Myth * Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt The only other scent category I find to be as versatile as musky skin scents is tea scents. Le Labo The Noir 29 is great in any weather.


I'd like to add Chanel Platnium Egoiste & Valentino Born in Roma Yellow Dream


Bleu de Chanel, Dior Sauvage and Y edp are all rly good and versatile


Byredo Bal d’Afrique Chanel Sycomore Le Labo Santal 33 Le Labo Another 13 Le Labo Musc 25 Glossier You Creed Aventus I consider these all spring to at least early fall fragrances. My specific transitional fragrances are Jo Loves Red Truffle and Byredo Gypsy Water.


How different are the two byredo ones you mentioned? Those are my top two and I can’t decide!!


They’re quite different. Bal d’Afrique smells like bottled sunshine—a bit sweet and bright. Gypsy Water is more creamy and peppery and is very quiet on me unless I’m outside in a breeze tbh.


Azzaro Wanted By Night


Too much for summer


You clearly don't live in a wet, scorching summer area mate. Such magnificent spicy scents can get disgusting even at night


Montale Arabian White Oudh Will choke anyone in your radius lol


Bois imperial for me


My husband has been wearing that and Orange + Santal all summer, and I know he will wear them in the cooler months, too.


Sauvage and Eros are my all season perfumes


blue de chanel, dior savage, valentino born in roma edt, all good year round even transitioning, dulca & gabanna light blue good transition fragrance, Dylan blue, and polo red.


Dior sauvage One million lucky


YSL Y EDP bought a bottle around this time last year. Wore the it all year and it’s just about empty so I just picked up a 2nd bottle.


Doesn't work in high heat day time.


I disagree. I do think there are better choices but even on the hottest days it was still pleasant. I got a lot of compliments this summer.


How big was your bottle?


3.3oz usually I do about 2 sprays. I do have other scents I’d use at night or weekends. But this was my go to for work.


How was the projection and longevity for you? Also was it on skin or clothes? I am also thinking about getting an work/office fragrance but I don’t want to be too overwhelming nor annoying.


I applied it to my neck and chest. I know there was some projection for the first few hours. It chills out a bit after 3 hours and by the end of the day my girlfriend can still smell it when she's close but the projection is gone. However, I do a lot of walking and heavy lifting moving furniture throughout the day so I run pretty warm.


Byredo Baldafrique, BDG gris charnel, MFK oud satin mood (even though they smell better during certain seasons).


Narciso EDP


Masculine pluriel


__Designer:__ Versace Dylan Blue Boss Bottled Armani Diamonds Tom Ford Plum Japonais Bleu de Chanel Dior Sauvage __Niche:__ Xerjoff Opera Casamorati Fiero Nishane Hacivat Nishane Sultan Veriver Amouage Jubilation XXV Kilian L’Heure Verte _—Oh and don’t forget, Kouros is a summer fragrance!_


Prada L’homme without question


Bottega Veneta Knot. FM En Passant. Guerlain L'Heure Bleue. ymmv of course! Also I think Ormonde Jayne Vanille d'Iris, but I wear it so much in the spring that I put it away for the summer. But while all of these are reliable, none of them satisfy my fall fragrance desires for...fall.


Le labo another 13


JHAG Moscow Mule. Fresh lime for summer but spicy ginger for winter. It’s my faaaave!






Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight. BDC EDP


My personal all year round favs are... Le Labo Another 13 Glossier You Ariana Grande Cloud Diptyque Fleur De Peau Hermes H24 Commodity Gold/Paper Juliette Has a Gun Superdose


I trust and agree with your taste the most


imo Montblanc Legend, Explorer and also Individuel Lacoste Pour Homme ADG Profumo


Individuel doesn't work on summer days.


Haha! This is the worst time of year to ask this question! Many of us have been waiting all summer to wear our favorite summer-unfriendly fragrances! Haha! I think pretty much any fresh fragrance is good year round. Can make snowy weather feel crispy and twinkly.


CDNI of course




I wear Serge Lutens Claire de Musc year round. Also Tom Ford White Suede.


Many of the Aqua Allegoria's from Guerlain, Way with Woods by Snif, Glossier You, Libre EDT by YSL


Maison Margiela Lazy Sunday Morning!! A little pick-me-up in summer, and a comforting calmer in winter. Jo Malone Wild Bluebell is also perfect for any time imo, it’s refreshing melon in the heat, matches the blooms and produce in spring, simply uplifting in autumn for days that aren’t dreary, and a cool floral in winter to match the temperature.


Dior Pure Poison is my bottle of magic go-to! It's delicious in the most refreshing, floral way!! I never thought I'd describe a non-gourmand fragrance as delicious until I smelled this one xD it's a keeper, that's for sure ;)


Oh, Pure Poison is the only perfume from the ‘Poison’ line that I absolutely adore! It’s so lovely and feminine, and genuinely smells so heavenly. It’s the perfect scent.


YSL Black Opium I wear year round. One of my favorites.


I generally don’t follow the seasonal rule(except when it comes to gourmands, because they are repulsive in every season *but winter*). That being said, I’ve always found that Dior’s **J’adore** and Lancôme’s **Idôle** are great year-round women’s fragrances. Both are widely pleasing, elegant scents that are objectively appropriate for all occasions.


This. Sweet scents are the only fragrances that I feel are truly seasonal. I love them in the cold, but they’re nauseating when it’s hot.


Jo Malone - wood sage and sea salt! Good for everyone


Fracas on the heavier side but still versatile for all seasons. En Passant on the lighter side but also versatile for all seasons.


Percival by PDM


Tom ford grey vetiver edt Terre d'hermes edt


Eau de merveilles, it’s warm and clean, not too heavy or fresh, savory and a little sweet.


Love that one along with the amber flanker.


That’s a great call..


Came to say this one!


Honestly Sauvage just works.


Aqua de Gio Profumo


Sorry if I’m out of the loop, but is this discontinued or not? I heard it was, but I’ve seen it available on sites with reviews claiming that it’s been brought back with a weaker formula.


Ooops my original response was supposed to be for a different post. You can find Aqua de Gio Profumo nearly everywhere including Macys and on Aqua de Gio’s website. It is NOT discontinued.


Just bought this for my bf, there's a sale rn on their website!


PdM delina exclusif, Pdm Cassili , Rihanna Reb'l fluer, Valentino Born in Roma


Great taste. I love all four.


Bvlgari Au the Blanc, Chanel No 5, Chanel Pour Monsieur edp, Luna Rossa, Amber Pour Homme, Fougere Platine, Grey Vetiver, Issey Miyake Bleu D’Issey are some of the fragrances I keep around through each season. I box up my spring/summer or autumn/winter perfumes other than these few.


I’m curious to try Chanel Pour Monsieur EDP, haven’t been able to. I have Platinum Egoiste, curious how it compares and if I need both…


Hendley Amora. Bright and sparkling enough to work in warm weather, but sweet and dense enough to work in the cold as well


I live for versatility all year round fragrances Sauvage, YSL Y EDP & Le Parfum, Montblanc Explorer, ADG Profumo, PDM Percival, Aventus, Bleu De Chanel, Chanel Allure Home Sport Eau Extreme, Versace Dylan Blue, Dior Homme 2020, Prada Carbon, Rasasi Hawas, Gucci Guilty, PDM Layton, Versace Eros flame


can you be more specific about the sauvage please?


Sauvage EDT without a doubt is an all year, EDP I’d say about 80 degrees & below because it has some sweetness. I have not tried the Parfum but the notes seem very woody so I don’t see a difference with the EDP. Elixer for me is a fall & winter scent it’s a bit too heavy for Spring & Summer imo.


There is a Sauvage Parfum?


Yes it’s quite underrated actually. I would consider it more cool weather appropriate, but definitely not bad for warm weather


Chanel No. 5 eau premiere Hermes 24 Faubourg Shalimar


MFK Amryis Homme Extrait


this one right here


Prada lhomme


JHAG not a perfume (I prefer the Superdose), glossier you (I think this smells fairly similar to the JHAG Superdose), clean reserve skin


Glossier You


Clean Reserve Skin. It's just perfect for every occasion.


The blue genre


Terre d’Hermes The rest are just also rans


ADP Colonia


Dior saivage


Which one?


PDM Layton


Bleu de Chanel EDP, Prada L'Homme Intense


Terre d'Hermes and Genetic Bliss is all-seasons versatile


Guerlain l'instant de Guerlain


I have never smelled this or heard much buzz… I have, however, heard of mon guerlain by guerlain… do you have info on the difference?


I wouldn't know, sorry. The male version is really really nice but I didn't smell the one for women yet


It’s a beautiful magnolia scent and perfect for any occasion. I usually wear it when I’m going into close quarters with people or when I want something nice but inoffensive. Creates a pretty but light scent cloud.


L’instant is delicious


Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP.


Oh no, my biggest pet peeve this summer was people thinking it is okay to wear BR540 during heat waves and then wearing it in crowded places. For you, maybe it's okay. But for the people around you? It's one of the most suffocating fragrances out there and it becomes even more suffocating when it's hot out. If you do choose to wear this during summer, stay home. But if you're not planning on staying home, please only wear this in the cold months.


I’ve had no issues in warmer weather, but where I live doesn’t get terribly hot (over 75F) or that humid. I agree mileage may vary depending on local weather and who you are around. But that goes for many fragrances, not just BR540.


Alright, wearing it in those temperatures is still okay. From my experience it becomes suffocating after roughly 25C degrees (so 77F) and I've encountered people wearing it on the bus when it was well over 30C degrees (86F). But this summer I was in Paris when it was 39C degrees (102F) and most people were still wearing fragrances in public, they just managed to wear the ones that are still incredibly pleasant during that heat. Not even just freshies, just simple, light fragrances that don't overpower you. I remember lots of people wearing light, slightly sweet florals with a touch of wood. It was nice in a very unexpected way.


Ugh once I get my funds in check I will have this. Does any body have the real tea on the comparison b/w BR540 and Ariana Grande Cloud? I have cloud but I’m a sucker for unisex scents. Is it rly that similar??


Try Alt Crystal No. 23!! I;ve heard that it's an affordable direct dupe of BR540, just with a lot less silage!! <3


I own both and prefer Cloud honestly. But I should add that I'm one those that becomes nose blind to BR540 very quickly so I can really only smell it for the first 30min or so.


Cloud is nothing like it imo.


Ok see that’s why I still want it. I’ve heard conflicting opinions!


Honestly, I suggest looking at /r/fragranceswap for deals. All of the MFK I have has come from trusted sellers there, not full retail. I tested a bunch of decants of similars… while I could tell differences between them, it’s subtle.


Thank you sm!!!!!


Diptyque fleur de peau


The best of Diptyque imo.


I confess I know close to nothing about perfumes. Never heard of this. Sounds fancypants, in a good way


Diptyque is a fantastic house. Highly recommend getting a discovery set, as most people here love at least one of their creations.


As a general rule of thumb, do you prefer their EDT or EDP? I noticed on their site they only sell discovery sets for EDTs and I've been on the fence in whether to try those or get samples of the EDPs.


You can get decants of EDP quite easily elsewhere so don't worry on that but so far I'm about 50/50! They DO differ in notes at Diptyque so it just depends. So far, more EDT but that's just by chance!


mfk aqua vitae


Or the Forte version..


yes. i actually prefer the forte version myself


Rasasi Hawas, Narciso Rodgriguez For Him Bleu Noir, Issey Miyake Leau Dissey Intense, Lattafa Qaed el Fursan


Not crazy over Hawaii tbh


Ok I’m kind of a perfume virgin and I’ve never heard of these! Def looking them up rn lol


Just some suggestions based on ones I know and use - Rasasi Hawas and Lattafa Qaed el Fursan are from the middle east and you might not be able to sample them before buying, but they're very cheap compared to designer frags. The general rule is, you dont want something too sweet, powedery and spicy when it's hot out. Other than that you can wear what you want. But fresh and clean "summer" scents don't perform well in cold weather generally. Hawas is a fruity, playful, and airy kind of scent. It smells like plum, apple, ozonic (air), and fresh linen or cotton to me. Many people also say a bubblegum kind of accord. It's very close to Invitctus Aqua by Paco Rabanne which is discontinued. It's very playful and sweet, but also refreshing. Great for hot days. Do you like pineapples? If the answer is yes, you HAVE to get Qaed El Fursan by Lattafa. It's very cheap but sells out very quickly, so you need to watch the retailers for it closely. It smells, literally, like fresh raw pineapple slices. Its unbelievable how realistic. It's also got some dark woody resinous notes, along with fruity ones. Hope this helps, don't rush into anything and take your time exploring and sampling if possible. This community is wonderful to be a part of.


I LOVE pineapple. Food and smell lol. Do you know where the best place to purchase is? I really enjoy fruity and floral scents that aren’t too mature smelling as I’m in my early 20s. Ty for the info!!


The best ones are fragrancebuy.ca, fragrancenet.com, or fragrancex.com. there are others but I think these are the most popular. Be careful of shady websites, they sell fakes. I'd stick to those 3 above and you're golden. If youre in Canada fragrancebuy will be much faster, seeing as it's a Canadian company based in Toronto. There's a "notify" feature where if a perfume is out of stock, they will email you as soon as it's available, so click that. Since you love pineapple, I highly recommend trying to get Lattafa Qaed El Fursan. It's a phenomenal smell and with great performance. It's very safe and inoffensive. It regularly goes back in stock every once in a while but gets bought out very fast... should tell you how highly regarded it is, lol. And if you dont already know, fragrantica.com is your Bible for checking all details on any perfume ever made


Ty so much!!!! I’m a sponge rn to your info!


Definitely do not stick to buying full bottles (those sites are not for sampling) just fyi! Decanters or samples first!


I love a sample. I hear you loud and clear!


This the most exciting part of your fragrance journey, you have so much to discover and explore. The community is great and helpful as well. Have fun!


Ty sm!!


Best US decanters to try samples are DecantX, Lucky Scent, Scent Split, Scents Event, Surrender to Chance, Perfumed Court, Fragrancenet, Fragrances Line






Been wanting to sample this. Can you describe this to my nose please.


Smells like beer


No fucken way 😭


Versace Eros


Very true, just go light on the trigger when it’s hot out.


40 knots comes to mind Costa azzura Parfum maybe too


Most fragrances are all-season. Other than stuff that's super heavy and sweet being kinda gross in the heat, most season-related marketing is gimmicks.


I believe I can wear any scent in any season just depends on my mood. However. I do question my own judgement when I reach for Interlude in August where I live it’s over 100*.


What I think is hilarious is that, if you are a fan of Supremacy Incense, Afnan's solid Interlude clone, 100° in August is EXACTLY when you are supposed to reach for their blue beast. Here is the only description of Supremacy Incense that Afnan provides on its website: Wanna be cool but casual? A perfect everyday perfume for summer – Supremacy Incense


Never had my nose on their clone but wearing Interlude is like being trapped in a very small very crowded midnight mass at Christmas with zero ventilation. If the priest stops right at your row and you’re on the end seat with that swinging smoking ball hitting you in the face. I love it though.


I love and agree with your description! The only thing I'd add is that you spilled a vanilla coke on your shirt right before getting hit in the face. I love it as well!


Several times when I mention Interlude people ask me if I can’t smell the oregano. I like almost al herbal smells so it wouldn’t matter if I did but no- I don’t think I smell spaghetti spice in my Interlude!


I definitely smell the oregano and I dig it. It strikes my nose as almost a cannabis note and almost mentioned it earlier as "a charismatic stoner spilling a vanilla coke on their shirt," but I was hesitant to discuss drug use in church. I know that's a very taboo issue, at least in MAGA country.


I don’t know why but I feel like Reddit is not exactly MAGA territory: possibly because I choose what subreddits I’m subscribed too. Maybe I’m completely wrong. I’ve seen a lot of erudite and informed posts in all my Reddit subs. Like night and day compared to the Book of Faces, the only social media app I have ever deleted. Come to think of it I basically replaced Facebook with TikTok. And most of that feed is people making egregious horrifying recipes and other people responding.


I think he’s not referring to Reddit, but to the place he lives.


This is, of course, 100% true


Well I def fell for the gimmick lol ty!!


Haha if you find something you love, and it doesn't turn rancid when you work up a sweat, go on and wear it.


Commencing trial and error