Hero SBC came out and it’s impossible to get 88’s now. Same for Bernado Silva, Modric and Ruben Dias.


I legit just got Kroos in a pack, but he was a duplicate. I used him to do the Hero pack and got Carvalho 😍 and now I’m left with that second Kroos and don’t know whether to keep or sell hahaha


Obviously sell they will go back down


That’s true, I didn’t think that far ahead hahaha


He’s not going to go up more….especially with Black Friday tomorrow…


He currently has reached his max capped prices, so until ea change it, it physically can't go up in price right now


If you plan to do the hero pack tomorrow again and you don’t have any other untradable 88s then keep him otherwise just sell him


We can do it twice?


Yeah Friday at 6pm it refreshes


Sold ter stegen for like 45k, completely extint


88s skyrocketed after the hero SBC


Fair but it’s crazy to think they’re all gone hahahah


I’ve got one to sell but a capped max of 42,500 coins doesn’t seem enough to sell him for


Sell and take the 42k. It'll drop in a matter of days if not by today at 9 pm.


wow, after reading this thread, I sold my team first goalkeeper for 45k


Ea won't change his price range


I know yeah, I was just saying that’s why I’m not selling my one, because I’d want to get more than that for him & I can’t so he’s worth more in my team


Are you going to use him for the next hero pack because if not sell him as he will drop soon after the second drops tomorrow


I’ll probably need him for the Messi flashback SBC. I can see an 88 being useful in one of the many squads needed for that.


He will be useful of course but I don't see him going extinct,just sell him the reason he is so cheap is because the hero sbc is insanely cheap but you need 3 88 which can be rare for somepeople making 88 high in demand that's why they have skyrocketed in price The only way Kroos would return to that price is if they make the messi sbc cheap but with requirements of 88 plus but the sbc is going to be expensive so all fodder will be needed


All fodder will be needed. And Kroos for me, can be fodder for a flashback Messi. So I’ll keep him to use him as part of the Messi SBC. Right? I feel like we’re agreeing but coming up with different outcomes…


Imagine this you sell a player that you dont need at the moment who is in extremely high demand for his max price (which i think is 45k)and when he isn't in demand you buy him back for 30-35k) so you've just made 10-15k coins I'm not saying sell your 88+rated fodder for coins to buy players I'm saying sell your 88+rated fodder and buy them back for a cheaper price to make coins.its pretty simple


They aren’t REALLY all gone. Just ppl with bots insta buying them along with ppl actually trying to get one keeps the price inflated. I constantly saw 2-3 listed every few searches and they were gone within 1 sec.


Lowkey sold three of them for 50k


I bought 185 88s for 20k few weeks ago... could've sold for 47.5k and made 4.5mil profit...


All 88s are gone


Navas, donnarumma as well


Yeah If you have any trade-able high cost golds, put them in the market. Sold my Benzema and De Bruyne for 20k profit and I’ll buy them back when everything goes back to normal