Love the suggestions, think it would be really cool to get these implemented, but I have to admit it's more of a pipe-dream for Outriders to get this due to design constraints and time :'( that being said, I'd love for this to be a thing for a sequel! Have my upvote in hope the Community Manager sees - SongsOfRaze


I’d love to see these things being added. They should at least add random generated dungeons. I agree with everything in your post.


What's a statistic roll? Do you mean static (like fixed roll)?


Yes, for example you could drop a weapon that has a gun power between 10k-13k. It could be any number between those. Same with armour.


stat is technically short for statistic I think they just want items to have more randomness in their numerical stats


Cool ideas. Some of them seem like a pipe dream in a way, others seem like it could very well be implemented in the game and well probably should've already been lol Trials of Tarya Gratar already sets itself up for some continuous random matrix that never ends allwhile getting more difficult as you go deeper. IMO the final cinematic sets it up for this. I like the "PVP" arenas you mention. I'd pay for it as a DLC The endless matrix, or rogue-like, should have been included in the expansion to begin with lol. They maybe have been pressed for time to meet the release and would be cool to see this as an update, similar to what New Horizon did by adding new expeditions