I don't think Scrapnel was ever bad. It was blowing up bosses before Worldslayer, it's just that everything else AP Techno did was underwhelming and heavily focusing Scrapnel was inefficient for clearing to get to the boss. Now that all of the Ordinance skills got massive damage boosts through Pax tree and Turrets are a reliable source of damage with Lethal Devices, AP Techno is actually worth building. Borealis Monarch also outclassed every other Techno set at the time for both AP and FP builds. That isn't the case anymore.


I remember scrapnel being the play, every time you throw one it increases damage, then it evolved to two turrets. Scrapnel may be better for single target damage, but I think turret still wins for taking on hordes of enemies. Guess we will see with the new skill trees and stuff.


What was all the stuff you were throwing at the end that made the damage go crazy?


All the bits/smaller explosions are from the cluster bombs that Torrential Downpour offer, extra DPS after the initial explosion πŸ™‚


It’s been really good for a while.


That's my main! Been using it for ages. It's so fun to run around like crazy chucking bombs out πŸ˜‚