Count how many times he mentions cyber-bullying, slander and suicide in that video. He's low-key suicide baiting and using it to deflect any and all criticism. Disgusting behavior. The fact that he also says that PCF are supporting this perceived behavior against him, by the way, could be taken as actual slander against the developer. lol. Overall it is a terrible attitude to take that doesn't do him any favours in this whole situation.


Also, on that video, he's deleted all my comments about telling people he's not being bullied and just got caught scamming his viewers. He's that deep into the lies, where he's scrubbing all his YouTube videos of the truth.


Haha yeah it’s pathetic and how many people agree with him only because he is claiming it’s because of cyber bullying. People saying they’ve been bullied too and “atleast a streamer is taking a stance toward cyber bullying” it’s crazy how stupid people can be lol


For real? I need to go back and look of my comment is still there.


Pretty sure that type of talk is caught and removed by the youtube algorithm. You probably got yourself shadowbanned


So a comment saying "no one is cyber bullying you, you just got caught cheating and scamming" will get me shadow banned by the YouTube algorithm?


Not exactly. But im sure it wasn't as "nice" as you make it sound. The algorithm only looks for certain words and phrases and automatically removes them. Some of which are incredibly dumb. If it happens often, you get shadowbanned and only people that you tag directly can see your posts. Also technically speaking... if a bunch of people, whether they know each other or not, spam someone with unwanted messages calling them a cheater or a scammer, that is called targeted harassment, which is considered cyber bullying... So you and everyone who blew up his comment section or sent him messages engaged in it. You could have always just reported him for scamming people and then shut up about it. You didnt have to join the rest of the crowd in messaging him. Toxic cancel culture type shit if you ask me... And generally speaking, if alot of people are doing something. Its probably a bad idea to join in, because people in large groups tend to do really stupid shit. And sure... you can downvote me because I didnt agree with you and say what you wanted to hear. But that says more about you than it does me, you obviously refuse to accept the truth.


Losing popularity in a community because of proven cheating isn't "Toxic cancel culture type shit." It's consequences of actions.


In a non competitive game. Cheating isn't a big deal. And the outrage of the mob over it IS "toxic cancel culture type shit"


You sound like a fellow cheater


Not at all. I'm just looking at it logically. Its a non competitive game and you are crying over nothing. If you dont like the video. Click dont recommend. If you feel you were scammed. Report it. Move on with your life. It is really that simple. You dont have to message the guy just because everyone else is doing it. Grow a spine.


But that's no fun!!


Only toxic people would think so. But you do you pumpkin.


Thank you pooh bear


i can also guaranteethat he is deleting negative comments, not a single negative comment when i checked


Good thing some ppl in the community know the bs n take screenshots ahead of time b/ unfortunately this isn’t the first time dealing with a “snake oil salesman”.


Yeah no joke it is slander against them. I also don’t believe him when he says he reached out to PCF and they didn’t respond, and if they didn’t it was because they were starting their investigation about him and trying to decide if it was truly cyber bullying or him trying to manipulate and deceive the community and it’s just people standing up against his bad acts rather than bullying. I think he knew that too and was a reason he backed out, he even mentioned something like “before things gets spread around or that I get kicked from the program I am quitting” like he their investigation would find him guilty and he’d be kicked. Crazy he got into this program in the first place


Or... they didn't want to get painted by him after he got them tied into his bullshit. I got caught on the fringe of some drama like that a few years ago. A content creator I was working with at the time tried to burn the community manager by trying to frame them for doxing some community members that were harassing him. In that case, it didn't work, but, there's a non-zero chance that this guy was looking for a way to paint PCF's people, and blame them.


Bye Felicia!


That guy is a pathetic weasel who just says bullshit for content. He wasn't "cyberbullied", he simply got called out for cheating and stealing other people's content, and rightfully so, since he was supposed to be an ambassador and represent the game. He may have gotten some mean comments and messages when those things came out but that is his own damn fault, it's not fucking cyberbullying. Him playing the victim now is just a complete piece of shit move in a weak attempt to save face. This community is better off without him and his shitty content anyway. I say good fucking riddance to that moron. Won't be missed.


Literally what I commented on his YouTube video! But it got deleted of course ...




He was really charging people money for group runs? Wow, what an ass.


Not just that but he was lying to people saying they’d get targeted loot, the the item they were looking for which was the real reason they were paying for it, rather than the exp and resources.


LOL, screw this clown.


gaslighting others to make himself seem like a victim. very popular tactic to do nowadays instead of owning up to mistakes


Definitely Too easy for these streamers/influencer types to just say bullshit because they’re the loudest one in their own room


It’s people like him that have created the cheater problem in the first place. If he never showed people what hacked mods could look like on a weapon/gear people would actually be playing with other people. The multi player in this game was already in a bad state but people are too scared to match make with other people fearing they’re going to lose all their progress from hacked items and it’s because of people like him. Do I feel sorry for the guy HELL NO! he fucking gets what he deserves. #Cheaters suck!


The worst is when theyre caught they always try to weasel themself out of it "I only wanted to help" "Others dont mind" "No big deal is pve"


Yer you can say that again. Just because it’s PVE does not mean you can fuck up the game for everyone else.


> when in reality he only memorized a few patterns of what drops where. There are no "patterns of drops." He was modding the inventories of those players live on stream. He made a show out of selling hacked items right in front of everyone.


Idk people have said that but I’m not sure, I watched a lot of his live streams and from what I saw he would bank on the the few times he was actually right and make it seem like it was like that 100% of the time. he was even wrong quite a few times and people didn’t get what they wanted and he would just make excuses like “it’ll drop next run” or “if people don’t do things at the exact time it and you’re not at this point at this exact time it won’t drop” and stuff like that, maybe it was early in his “targeted loot drops” career and he started hacking but I didn’t witness any myself but you may be completely right and I just either didn’t stay around long enough to see it or he started doing it lately. Either way he was deceiving people and lying about what they were purchasing, wasting their time and money.


He's a professional scammer. If he called every single drop it would be obvious. You can see that he is one of those people that can't hold the controller without hitting buttons. Every time he calls a drop his character isn't moving because he has the cheat menu open.


He wasn’t cyber bullied. He simply got caught profiting off of lies n unrealistic builds that would never happen unless u cheated like he did under the guise of “this is a guide” to victims that was falsely pushed by him. Mind u he is also making side money off of YouTube via vids for these fake unrealistic builds while also selling merch. Magical “victimhood” is portrayed when truth is exposed. Sounds very familiar with scam artists.


At this point as a community I would destroy him anyway on principle. The thing about relying on a social following for a living is, without that social following, you don’t make money. As a gamer community we can’t in good conscious let this kind of behavior exist


Nah. He’s a little baby. I could never watch his stuff. Something just always seemed insincere and sketchy. Plus, when literally everyone says there aren’t any real dedicated drops, and you’re the one person who magically figured it out, chances are, you’re lying.lol


As said in the other thread, report his YouTube Channel for spam and scam and dont watch his videos. Also if any of your content was used, use this as an dmca takedown so he is not getting money for the specific video etc. He is definition of a scammer


Weird that as more attention was drawn to his god tier rolls (what’s it been? 1-2 weeks ONLY?) Suddenly he’s quitting?!? Sounds like someone got scared they didn’t want to get caught


Very very happy i do not and never will know or care who this is. Sounds like a real dipshit Cyberbullying lmao


I’m so glad I don’t follow streamers. Every time a story like this comes out I have no idea who it is and I’m not the least bit surprised that most of them are terrible people. It kills me that people support these idiots.


Yeah, I've got no earthly idea and that's just fine.


And nothing of value was lost


Except lots of people’s time, real life money, and a slot on the ambassador list, potentially a LEGIT person who could’ve been a great role model for the community.


their fault for being gullible.


This guy has close to a decade of being a giant douche and general shitty human being under his belt. I remember him spreading misinformation back during destiny 1 VoG launch about the “hidden chest” and other things that got him blacklisted from that community too lol


I do think he was bullied, I do not know to what extent, but I think he mostly deserved it.


He’s just a little baby that can’t admit he cheated and will lie to double Down to make him look good like what democrats do.


Whos laserbolt and why should i give a shit about him


Sounds like he can go fuck himself to me


Laserwho??? Pathetic cheating on a pve game. Fucking loser.


Personally I think this should just be dropped as a topic altogether. I appreciate it's news to the community, I fully get that, but the longer this drags out the worse it looks for the game, for all it's players. It's happened, and people will have their own views and want to voice them. Reddit is a great place for that, and it's great to see people are passionate about the game and its content creators. But can I ask we just please leave it at that and get back to the main focus, which is the game? Please? 🙂 - SongsOfRaze


Yes I understand that going too far with these posts is not helping therefor I will not be posting more about this situation, however I thought it was important PCF, the ambassador program, and the community heard this from another source that is not his own and full of his biases and supporters who just agree with him. He should not be able to slander a company, accuse them of promoting cyber bullying and get away with it. I am simply trying to defend PCF, at this point he is cyber bullying PCF as a company with these accusations.


Fully get you're defending them and I'm glad players are jumping to their support 🙂 please don't think I'm coming off as annoyed at that, I can just see we'll have thread after thread for the next few days over it is all. Do appreciate the threads message 😁 - SongsOfRaze


Yeah nah not at all, totally if there are too many posts like this and lots of negative comments toward him in the comment section I can see how it starts to become a witch hunt and is kinda just proving his cyber bullying theory correct, but I think atleast one post is needed to get the point across he can’t just slander a companies name and expect to get away with it, that nobody will mention it. But yeah hopefully there will be no more posts regarding this situation as it’s not a positive story, and hopefully the community will be able to heal from this


Not taking one side or the other, saying one side is right or wrong, but.... Posts like this are just going to feed the flames. Don't give him the attention he wants, it looks bad on the whole community, just ignore him and let him go.


It's hard to understand the definition of bullying. Was the community voicing a strong opinion against his level of perceived ethics? Yes. Is this considered bullying when evidence shows that the perceived lack of ethics results in behavior that is unprofessional in his position? I don't think so if the intent was to educate. If the intent was to harm, then by definition, yes. To some extent he was. ​ I'd challenge you to read the contents of this very thread to see if you find attempts to harm. "That guy is a pathetic weasel..." "Bye Felicia..." ​ With saying all of that, I don't feel too bad about the bullying in this instance, even if that makes me a worse person.


What a weird and confusing comment. First of all, this: >It's hard to understand the definition of bullying. No it isn't. It's very easy. Maybe you meant *"It's hard to define bullying."*? Because that would be true. Definitions and meanings get changed, stretched and warped so much nowadays it's hard to know what's what anymore. Lot of people also seem to have their own definitions that they try to impose on the rest of us, but that's not how it works. But no, it is not hard to understand a definition once there is an established one. And then you quote beginning of my comment in a context I don't quite get. What is it supposed to be an example of? Are you implying that it's bullying or what? It's really not clear what you mean there. It's as if there is supposed to be a follow up, a punchline, a conclusion, but there is nothing, you just left it there without any apparent context at all. Then at the end you say that you're actually fine with bullying in this instance, which means you think he is being bullied. Well, if calling a cheater and a liar *"a cheater and a liar"* fits your definition of bullying then your definition of bullying is wrong. And me calling him a pathetic weasel or a piece of shit is not bullying either. Insulting, name calling, sure. But not bullying. Just a strange comment, dude.


Man, I gotta be honest with you. I don't even remember writing that first part. I'm curious which multiverse this is I guess.


Haha fair enough. It's the one where stupid people play victim when they get exposed doing stupid things. I'd move to a different one if I could, it's pretty shit.


Wait he was charging people money to play with him and for him to carry them? Damn this guy


Never knew who he was, never cared, but now I'm entertained because instead of owning up and just being real, he's crying in the corner.




that clown is a loser a liar and a cheater clown


I’ve been on vacation and away from the game for awhile. Used to watch his videos for builds but apparently he’s full of it huh?


So being called out for being a pathetic sack of shit is now considered being bullied? I guess that makes sense these days.


Get off your soap boxes. The guy cheated in a video game. If he charged people money to cheat or abuse the system well they're no better. To post something like this, and some of these comments, says a lot more about you. You're fine the way you are, leave the guy be. I'll keep playing clean not caring about how others choose to enjoy.


The guy is also in the ambassador program so he is an example for the community and looked up upon because of that. Not just some rando cheating to enjoy the game better so he deserves no slack for this


100% deserves to be kicked, the guy seems pretty dumb, and made that public, even dumber. But posting like this about it is just drama and virtue signalling for morality points and karma.


Sounds to me like you’re the one commenting before having any knowledge on the situation at hand, that says a lot about you. He was charging people real money, and a lot to run LEGIT “targeted loot” expeditions with him claiming he knew exactly where everything drops when in reality he was lying to people and robbing them of their money and time and only memorized a few patterns on how the rng works and was simply lying to his customers and about what they were purchasing.


Guilty of what? Click bait? That was alot of words to describe clickbait... Are you mad that you clicked it or mad that he quit? I'm confused... The fact that you are making this post to begin with leads me to believe you were one of the people messaging him and harassing him. How about you find your own way to make money and stop hating on others who are. Just a suggestion


Sounds like you didn’t read the post at all and don’t know the situation. This has nothing to do with me or being jealous of the money he robbed from people deceiving the community. He did not just do click bait, this isn’t just revenue he made from videos, he was separately charging people money to run “targeted loot” expeditions with him and lied about what he was charging them for, hacking mods on items and claiming they were legit like one day they would be able to get it, and just recently slandering PCF as a company and saying they promote cyber bullying. The list goes on… Not to mention this guy was an Ambassador, a role model for the community.. You should really read posts or atleast some of the comments before you make a comment and act like you understand the situation.


Any idiot can look up the drop rates and learn. If you paid the money, that is your fault. And if you didnt, why cry about it? Move on with your life. You are wasting entirely too much time on something that could easily have been avoided by using common sense.


No one gives a shit.


Tf are you guys talking about..thought laserbolt was a gun or something lmao


How old is he btw? 12? An adult with a kids mentality n maturity or rather lack of