why did i see sri lankan pastor and knew the rest without even reading the entire thing


It doesn't even need to be Sri Lankan. You all know the joke abt the Catholic Church.


Religion is by far the best cover for pedophiles and sexual predators. Not the fault of religion itself, but how much unconditional trust and respect people have for the clergy just for wearing a certain attire, and claiming to have a certain set of beliefs.


True, but Roman Catholic Church protects pedophile pastors as part of the system.


This is rampant throughout Sri Lanka, many pastors of various hues are running many churches especially in war hit north and east amongst the poor. They abuse the power bestowed on them by money given to them by their western backers. Sexual abuse is one of the top most crimes committed by them, it’s not like they came from outside the communities impacted, but criminal elements within the community figures out this as an opportunity to abuse and then they pile on. Many are new converts themselves.


not just pastors, happened many times with monks as well. Ranjan exposed some a few years back,and we heard multiple cases including the baduideen gang rape one. It's not a Christian or Buddhism thing, it's what happens when a person is supposed to be celibate and hide their sexuality, it comes out like this. Plus they get religions freedom. However of course Catholic priests are the most offending when you consider the whole world as there's way more of them with more influence.


All what you say is true, but what I mean is not catholic priests but evangelical pastors. There are thousands of them across the island, especially in the north and east, preying on the wretched poor people, single mothers, drunk men, children without parents, war handicap people, all taken advantage by these shysters.


yes 100% especially the alternative sects like Jehovah's witnesses and born again or whatever


I may have watched lots of Family Guy and South Park episodes, this doesn't sound surprising 🥴 of course *unfortunately*


Radicalized thug life monks 🤝 Pastors